The answer to all your questions about electric vehicles? Choose AlphaElectric.

AlphaElectric is our forward-looking solution designed to help you to assess the suitability of electric vehicles (EVs) for your fleet, support the introduction of EVs into your business and provide full in-life support services.

If you are considering electric vehicles but are unsure whether they have a place in your fleet. Or if you have decided to include them in your fleet but are unsure about which type would be most suitable. Or if you are further down the route but would like some flexibility built in for when EVs are not suitable, AlphaElectric our innovative service could be for you.

Supported by our highly experienced eMobility team, which includes former fleet managers, technical experts and specialists in Business Mobility solutions, AlphaElectric provides unbiased advice to help you make the right decisions. Unlike other fleet solutions, which just provide vehicles, AlphaElectric is a comprehensive 360° service and is comprised of four key elements:

  • Personalised EV consultancy - we can help you answer whether EVs have a place in your fleet
  • Support to make the right vehicles selection
  • Tailored charging infrastructure, including charging cards
  • Flexible mobility packages to offer seamless alternative transport where EVs are not appropriate

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