• Contract Purchase

Looking to free up capital to invest elsewhere in your business? Choose Contract Purchase.

Similar to Contract Hire, Contract Purchase gives you the benefits of reduced administration and fixed rental payments, to release capital for investment elsewhere.

You enjoy the valuable benefits of financing your vehicles in partnership with us: award winning customer service, a comprehensive range of support services and time-saving online account management tools.

With Contract Purchase, the vehicle appears on the balance sheet, allowing you to claim capital allowances. The finance element of the rental payments is not subject to VAT, which is beneficial if you are unable to recover VAT.

At the end of the contract you can pay a predetermined 'balloon' payment to complete the purchase of your vehicle or choose to return the vehicle back to us (it must be in good condition, if not further charges may apply).

If you would like to find out more about Alphabet Contract Purchase, contact us today on 0370 50 50 100 or by email alphabet@alphabet.co.uk.

Download our Contract Purchase brochure