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How to manage your fleet like a pro

You don’t have to be a fleet master to know that when your fleet is running smoothly, business is better and life is just that much sweeter.

So, it’s handy to have a little fleet expertise to help you get to that place of optimal efficiency and achieve your goals.

Read on to see how, with a few tips and ‘how-to’s from us, you can make your fleet dreams a reality.

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Need to untangle your RFID from your RPH? Below you can find a glossary of common EV-related terms and their meanings which are easy to understand.


Understanding how to maximise fleet utilisation not only ensures you're getting the most out of your fleet assets, but also leads to more sustainable operations. In this article, we will explore practical tips for boosting your fleet utilisation.


Understanding the basics of maintaining a fleet is vital to ensure vehicles are safe, can stay on the road, and keep your business moving. Here, we cover the essentials you need to know about fleet maintenance and assistance. And how Alphabet can help make your role easier.