How to keep track of your fleet

posted on 29/08/2023
  • Overview
  • Why keep track?
  • What should you be keeping track on?
  • How can you get insight from your vehicles

Whether your business has less than ten vehicles or over a thousand, it’s up to you, as the person managing the fleet, to keep track of them. However, staying on top of your vehicles is a complex task without the right tools in place. From managing fuel spend to tracking mileage, you need accurate information – fast.

In this blog, we explore why tracking your vehicles is important and all the best methods to do this without the paperwork.

Why you should keep track of your fleet?

There are many reasons why monitoring your vehicles is key to improving fleet efficiency.

These include:

  • image of checkFilledSaving time and mileage by optimising routes with GPS
  • image of checkFilledUncovering more cost-effective ways of operating
  • image of checkFilledReceiving alerts in the event of theft or accidents sooner
  • image of checkFilledMeeting your Duty of Care obligations
  • image of checkFilledDelivering better customer service

What should you be keeping track on?

Different businesses and fleets will have different priorities, but in general you should at minimum ensure you’re keeping an eye on the following:


  • Contract terms (the number of years your contract runs)
  • Maintenance and servicing history and schedule
  • Overall condition (including any historic damage or incidents)
  • Mileage (especially vs limits set within your contracts)
  • Vehicle Off Road (VOR) time
  • Fuel consumption
  • CO2 emissions


  • Licence types, status, expiry dates and conditions
  • Mileage and fuel claims
  • Route efficiency
  • Fines or penalties
  • Training status

How can you get insight from your vehicles

How Alphabet can help

We’re here to help you keep track of your vehicles and stay on the road. Our free Alphabet App gives you and your drivers access to a host of tools that help make tracking your fleet efficient and easy. Whatever your size, sector or fleet requirements, we can provide all the solutions and support you need.

Get in touch on 01252 976 010 or email us to discuss how we can help improve your fleet efficiency.

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