• Finance Lease

Looking for greater transparency and flexibility? Choose Finance Lease.

With Finance Lease, we take care of funding, sourcing and remarketing the vehicle. You benefit from low initial outlay when adding new vehicles to your fleet, and low monthly costs.

With Finance Lease, we purchase new cars for you and you lease them from us at a fixed monthly rate. Once you have made your vehicle selection, we calculate your monthly fee, taking into account the leasing term, mileage and the residual value of the vehicles.

The vehicle’s anticipated resale value is fixed at the beginning of the lease. However, at the end of the lease, if the resale value is lower than agreed, you pay the difference.

A Finance Lease allows you to show the vehicle on your balance sheet, with the outstanding rentals represented as a liability. This can be financially favourable if you expect the tax relief for depreciation to be greater than claiming capital allowances.

If you would like to find out more about Alphabet Finance Lease, contact us today on 0370 50 50 100 or by email alphabet@alphabet.co.uk.