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What to do if you're involved in an accident in your Alphabet vehicle

If you've been involved in a traffic collision, follow these steps:

- Do not admit liability - this includes saying sorry or apologising to other people involved

- Switch your vehicle's hazard lights on and display your warning triangle (if safe to do so)

- If there are any injuries, damage, or traffic obstruction, call 999

- Find a place of safety to wait, but do not attempt to move anybody with injuries unless necessary

- Stay at the scene until the emergency services have arrived

- Collect as much information as possible

- you can find a "Report your Damage" guide in the Alphabet app.

If you've taken our Accident Management service with your contract, our experienced team can advise you on the scene, help arrange for repairs to damaged vehicles, and even manage the claim. Our aim is to get you back on the road as quickly and simply as possible.

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Alphabet Accident Management

Our Accident Management Service

How our team can support you

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Get help from our Accident Management team

If you've had an accident, please report the full details to our dedicated team on 0370 50 50 133 within 24 hours, to make sure that the claim is managed efficiently with your insurance company.

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