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Arrive alive with our guide to driver safety

Statistically speaking, driving is one of the most dangerous activities we do. You're 400 times more likely to die on the roads than you are to win the National Lottery. Road safety.

That's why it's essential that you do everything you can to reduce the risk of accidents happening. Follow our top 10 tips below to make sure you’re driving as safely as possible.

1. Give yourself a head start

Allow extra drive time for delays to make your journey less stressful, and a lot safer

2. Check your vehicle

It only takes 20 seconds to check your vehicle for damage before you set off

3. Fasten seatbelts

A survivable accident could become fatal if passengers in the rear seats aren't wearing their belt

4. Give enough space

At a stop, you should be far enough back to be able to see the tyres and rear axle of the vehicle in front

5. Motorway safety

Always check your blind spot when joining motorways/dual carriageways, and avoid sitting in other drivers' blind spots

6. Wheels ahead when turning right

If you're waiting to turn right, keep your wheels pointed straight; if you're hit from behind, you won't be steered into oncoming traffic

7. Your right of way

Sometimes it can be safer to surrender your right of way. Be aware of other drivers who take a chance or misjudge their speed

10. Look ahead

Position yourself to get the best view of the road ahead, and "read" it for signs of hazard

8. Eyes on your environment

Almost all collisions can be avoided by scanning your environment and anticipating hazards

9. Follow the two second rule

In good light and weather, two seconds is the minimum time it takes to react. Be sure to leave at least two seconds between you and vehicles in front

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