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Leasing Explained

What is business leasing?

Business leasing essentially means renting a vehicle for an agreed amount of time and mileage for a fixed fee. If you are sourcing vehicles for a growing business, business leasing can be a far more cost-effective option than purchasing outright.

Depending on your situation, there are many business leasing products to choose from, and each comes with a different set of benefits and considerations for your business.

In particular, be mindful of contractual stipulations with the potential to lead to extra charges, such as excess mileage, vehicle condition on return (outside the BVRLA Fair Wear and Tear conditions), and early termination.

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Key benefits of business leasing

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Key benefits of business leasing

Some popular business leasing solutions

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Some popular business leasing solutions

Further guidance: going electric

Because of the regulatory and tax advantages they offer, electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular for business fleets. Should you go electric too?

Find out about Electric Fleets

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