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Starting your contract

Making things easy all the way

Alphabet is focused on making every journey as smooth as possible – and that includes starting your contract with us. From arranging a test drive to the final handover of your car, we’re here to keep you and your business moving forward.

If you’re starting from scratch, the following guide will help you on your way. If you’re renewing your contract, you can find out all you need to know here.

Please note: If you’re ordering a vehicle via a MINI/BMW retailer or broker, this process will differ as they will handle everything from initial order through to delivery.


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Your step-by-step guide

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Returning a vehicle

Need to return an Alphabet vehicle before your new one arrives? Find out what to do here.

Returning your vehicle
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Buying your vehicle

If your company car policy allows, there may be the opportunity for you, a friend or family member to take advantage of some great end-of-contract deals to take ownership of your current vehicle.

Buying your vehicle