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Sale and Leaseback

Sale and Leaseback unlocks financial and operational benefits

Our Sale and Leaseback solution can give your business the immediate financial advantage of releasing the value tied up in your owned vehicles. By transferring ownership of a vehicle to us and leasing it right back, you also eliminate the risk of unexpected maintenance costs, while our experienced fleet management team can reduce the time you spend on admin (saving you money and stress).
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What are the advantages of Sale and Leaseback?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sale and Leaseback allows you to sell any owned company vehicles to us and then continue using them under Contract Hire. This can unlock immediate financial and operational benefits for your business.

Sale and Leaseback is a two-step process. First, the 'sale': we buy your vehicles, releasing capital tied up in your fleet and boosting your cash flow. The 'leaseback' part of the process kicks in straight after the sale and you lease the vehicle back from us by entering into a Contract Hire agreement.

With this arrangement, you continue to have the use of your vehicles while benefiting from an instant injection of cash. As you no longer own the vehicles, you also eliminate risks like depreciation and unexpected maintenance costs.

Unlock funds
Selling some or all of your owned fleet to us can release the cash currently tied up in these assets. This immediate injection of funds can then be used for other operational expenses or strategic initiatives.

Eliminate financial risks
When we buy your vehicles, we take on all the financial risks of ownership – like unpredictable resale values or unexpected repair costs. This allows you to focus on your core business activities without worrying about these potential financial pitfalls.

Tap into our knowledge and experience
With our extensive experience of Sale and Leaseback for fleets of every size, choosing us will help ease your transition to leasing. Your fleet will run more smoothly and efficiently thanks to our thorough knowledge, flexible packages, and industry-leading service.

Smooth transition with minimal disruption
Transitioning into a Contract Hire agreement through Sale and Leaseback is a hassle-free process. It enables you to continue your operations with little to no disruption. You no longer need to think about vehicle disposal, and we’ll even manage the sourcing of any new vehicles.

Budget with confidence
Fixed monthly payments allow you to budget more accurately and confidently. You can streamline and predict your fleet expenses further by adding options like servicing and maintenance or breakdown recovery.

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