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Sale and Leaseback

If your business wants to release capital tied up in the fleet, reduce risk, or you want to accelerate the changeover to Contract Hire or Contract Purchase as efficiently as possible, then Sale and Leaseback may be suitable for your business.

Under your new funding arrangement you pay one fixed monthly payment, enabling you to budget accurately and confidently. You can also choose from an additional range of Fleet Management services to further reduce the burden of running your fleet. These include Servicing and Maintenance, Breakdown Recovery, Accident Management, fuel management, vehicle rental and our quotation and reporting system for fleet managers and drivers.

What are the benefits of Sale and Leaseback contract for you?

  • Helps free up cash to grow your business
  • Stable budgeting for the lease back period
  • You could for example: Contract Hire your cars but Finance Lease your vans, so you can keep them longer if needed.
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