• Sale and Leaseback

Need to release some captial to spend elsewhere? Choose Sale and Leaseback.

If you currently own vehicles outright, a Sale and Leaseback agreement can offer you immediate financial and operational benefits by transferring your vehicles onto a funding arrangement.

It is a tried and tested way to release capital for use where you need it most in your business. You continue to enjoy all the advantages of a company fleet, except with a lower financial burden. You also benefit from our forward-looking advice, knowledge and support.

Furthermore, if you take a fully maintained option, fixed monthly payments replace unpredictable outgoings enabling you to budget more efficiently.

There may also be significant long term benefits, such as the ability to reclaim more VAT, depending on the finance product you choose.

If you would like to find out more about Alphabet Sale and Leaseback, contact us today on 0370 50 50 100 or by email alphabet@alphabet.co.uk.

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