• Contract Hire

How to budget for the future with greater confidence? Choose Contract Hire.

Contract Hire from Alphabet offers you simplicity and transparency, backed by outstanding service.

It enables you to budget accurately and removes the hassle of finding, looking after and disposing of vehicles. In addition, Contract Hire delivers a broad set of accounting and tax advantages. You can deduct the full cost of finance rentals from taxable profits if the vehicle emits 130g/km of CO2 or less; or 85% of the rental on vehicles with higher emissions.

You can also recover 50% of VAT on the finance rental, if there is private use of the vehicle, or 100% where the vehicle is business-only. Should you decide to include maintenance in the contract you can recover 100% of VAT on this element of the rental.

Our comprehensive range of additional services includes servicing and maintenance, roadside assistance, fuel management, accident management and daily rental vehicles. We make it easy to tailor a complete solution.

With Contract Hire, our customer service teams manage your vehicles from day-to-day, so you are free to devote your time and resources to where you are needed most.

If you would like to find out more about Alphabet Contract Hire, contact us today on 0370 50 50 100 or by email alphabet@alphabet.co.uk.

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