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Our Fleet Management services can save you time and money

From regular servicing and maintenance for your vehicle, to roadside assistance and accident management, we're here to help keep your fleet on the road and take the time and hassle away from you.

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How Alphabet Keeps Your Fleet Moving

Frequently Asked Questions

Fleet management refers to the organisation, coordination, and administration of a company's vehicles' to ensure their optimal use and performance.

Fleet management is essential if your businesses relies on cars and vans for day-to-day operations.

We are committed to helping you ensure your fleet's safety by offering a comprehensive Driver Risk Management solution designed to mitigate the risks associated with managing a fleet.

Comprehensive risk management
Our extensive service portfolio includes licence checking, online assessments, e-learning training modules, road coaching, workshops, and bespoke driver days. We work closely with you to provide a solution tailored to your unique driver risk requirements.

In-house expertise
Our dedicated in-house team understands the critical areas for reducing risk. They're equipped to guide you through various solutions, whether you require individual services or a comprehensive package.

Peace of mind
We manage multiple activities on your behalf, providing you with the necessary management information. This allows you to make informed decisions and take corrective action when required.

Benefits to your fleet
Our services aim to reduce fleet risk, lower insurance premiums, ensure compliance with fleet vehicle policy, and maximise adherence to legislation. We aim to increase the safety of your employees and those around them, potentially reducing collision rates and vehicle abuse.

Practical training
We offer one-to-one, on-road assistance with a qualified fleet trainer. Our courses range from driver development, eco-driving, UK familiarisation, parking, manoeuvring, and post-incident coaching, catering to those who need extra help.

Grey fleet management
Our checks on Insurance, MOT, tax, and annual nominated drivers ensure you have detailed records, and are managing your duty of care obligations when your employees use their own personal vehicle for business purposes.

A ‘grey fleet’ refers to personal vehicles used by employees for business purposes. Employees using their personal cars for business travel are then reimbursed on a pence-per-mile basis.

As someone responsible for managing a fleet, it's crucial to understand the implications private vehicle use has on your fleet management responsibilities. You have a legal obligation to understand the risks of occupational driving for yourself, your drivers, and your company.

With Alphabet's fleet management services, you'll have the support you need to excel and keep your company's vehicles running smoothly, generating a structured risk management strategy for your fleet, that gives you piece of mind, and ensures you are equipped to make informed decisions and can take corrective action when needed.

The Road to Zero is a detailed document setting out the Government’s strategy to improve air quality, reduce road accidents, and transition to zero-emission road transport by 2040.

The Government alone can't deliver this, and those like you who are responsible for managing a fleet can play an instrumental role. So, where do you start? Read our article to find out more.

Empowering Your Drivers

As well as the range of services we provide to help you manage your fleet, Alphabet also offers your drivers direct access to vehicle maintenance and accident management services. Our direct, streamlined approach saves you admin time and helps your drivers to manage their vehicle easily.

Check out our driver self-service tools

Grey Fleet Management

Grey Fleet poses well known financial and legal risks so it is vital to manage it properly. Our Grey Fleet Management tools help you to make this into a more productive element of your company’s overall mobility provision controlling costs, fulfilling Duty of Care obligations, and covering driver, vehicle and policy issues.

Alphabet App keeps your drivers in the know

Our free Alphabet app gives your drivers access to a host of tools that make it easier for them to manage their vehicle, saving you time and money.

From booking their vehicle in for maintenance to reporting an accident, the app also lets drivers automate their mileage reports and connects them to our network of approved repair centres.

Check out our driver self-service tools
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