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posted on 07/08/2023
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If you’re a fleet manager, you’ll know that your most valuable assets are your drivers. So, it’s important to keep investing in them. Just as your drivers need vehicles they can rely on; they also need technology that’s fit for purpose whilst they’re out on the road.

Here, we explore the top self-serve tools around to support your drivers – while they do what they do best.

Fleet management software with driver portals

Most fleet management solutions are office-based – designed to help you keep track of your vehicles, run reports and review performance. However, the best ones also help your drivers stay in the know.

As well as key features such as dashboards with real-time data, we recommend you choose software which includes a self-service portal for your drivers. That way, your drivers can report updates and submit claims directly instead of via you – saving you both time.

 Mobile apps

Every minute counts when you’re in transit. So, drivers need a quick and easy way to report damage or request maintenance.

Handy mobile apps help your drivers connect with your service provider in just a few taps. That’s vital if it’s an emergency and it’s a great way of empowering them to manage their vehicles without the need for paperwork. Mobile apps are much more agile, as they take away the hassle (and risk) of carrying around a heavy and expensive laptop or tablet.

GPS tracking devices

These days, having GPS is essential to maximising your fleet’s route efficiency and protecting your vehicles from theft. From real-time navigation to important traffic updates, professional GPS tracking can help your drivers to reduce delivery times, plan better routes and save on fuel costs.

If you want to go a step further, try more sophisticated telematics. These systems have GPS built-in and provide a more comprehensive set of data. So, you can get reports on speed and fuel consumption to monitor vehicle performance and driver behaviour.

Online training and resources

Training is key when it comes to supporting your drivers. Underestimating the importance of this can lead to increased accidents, higher insurance premiums and potential non-compliance with regulations. However, utilising online learning tools can help to ensure your drivers stay up to date on safety guidance.

It may also benefit your drivers to gain access to a communication platform with group chats. Driving can be a lonely job at times, so features like this can go a long way to managing their wellbeing.


These four kinds of self-serve tools will empower your drivers to report issues, request services, communicate with team members and access information – fast. They put your drivers firmly in the driving seat.

Don’t forget – we offer the free Alphabet App that has a host of features and tools like the ones mentioned above to help manage your fleet.

Get in touch on 01252 976 010 to learn more about how you and your drivers can optimise your fleet with our smart self-serve tools. Our team are here to help keep you on the road.

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