• Structured Employee Car Ownership

Looking to offer your employees a more efficient mobility scheme? Choose Structured Employee Car Ownership.

Company cars are usually the best way to provide employees with mobility, however a structured Employee Car Ownership scheme (ECO) is sometimes more efficient.

ECO schemes are usually designed to generate cost savings. If a driver covers a high annual mileage on business, it can make financial sense if they fund their own car.

Compared to the alternative of offering drivers unstructured cash allowances, an ECO scheme will improve your fleet's quality, tax efficiency, cost transparency and Duty of Care.

To help you decide whether an ECO scheme is right for you, we will analyse your specific needs by undertaking a comprehensive review of your organisation and objectives. If ECO is right for you, then we have all the systems, expertise and experience you will need, especially in working directly with drivers.

All of our ECO schemes are individually approved by HMRC.