• Salary Sacrifice

Considering a tax efficient, cost saving way to offer vehicles? Choose Salary Sacrifice.

Salary Sacrifice for cars is ideally suited to organisations who want to attract and retain qualified and experienced employees.

With company car tax (CCT) rates as low as 5% on very low CO2 cars, employees pay considerably less tax if they take a car as a benefit rather than taking its equivalent in salary taxed at 20% or 40%. Lower CCT also means a lower Class 1A National Insurance bill for the employer.

The monthly cost of a Salary Sacrifice car will always be lower than one bought privately, thanks to its tax efficiency coupled with our purchasing power. Employees can also include breakdown cover, inclusive maintenance and corporate accident management cover in a single payment directly from their salary.

For you the employer, Salary Sacrifice means the ability to introduce an additional benefit, either to all employees or to selected groups, without increasing overall wage costs. It also strongly encourages users to choose low CO2 vehicles, enhancing your organisation's green credentials.

By offering employees an affordable way to fund new cars, you can also support your organisation's compliance with Duty of Care and Corporate Manslaughter requirements when employees drive on business.

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