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Booking a vehicle with AlphaCity

Our award-winning answer to corporate carsharing, AlphaCity, gives you keyless access to a range of vehicles (including electric, hybrid and commercial) as and when you need them.

You can make an AlphaCity booking through the booking portal or app, and our team is always available to support you 24/7.

Please note, AlphaCity is only available to drivers if your company has signed up for this service with us.

How to book your AlphaCity vehicle

The first time you use AlphaCity, you'll need to register and become a member. Your internal Fleet Team will provide you with a link to your business' booking portal, where you'll need to complete the 'New Registration' form.

1. Making a new booking

To begin a new booking either open the app or head to the booking portal, then select the time and date you need the vehicle. You can do this using the drop-down menu, or by clicking and dragging along the timeline of your preferred vehicle.

4. Booking confirmation

Look out for an email confirming your booking details. You'll also receive a text up to 60 minutes before your booking begins to let you know the vehicle is ready. We recommend using this time to get familiar with the vehicle.

2. Going electric?

If the vehicle you’re booking is electric, you'll need to enter the planned journey mileage from the drop-down menu before selecting a date and time.

5. Getting going

When you arrive at your AlphaCity vehicle, an LED display in the windscreen will tell you if it's ready to drive. Place your membership card on the windscreen reader or use the app to unlock the vehicle. Once inside, you'll have 90 seconds to start the vehicle.

3. Finalise your booking

Once you've selected your vehicle, time, and date; you'll be shown a summary of your booking (you can still go back a step and change your booking). You'll also need to complete the 'additional reservation data' form.

6. Ending your booking

Once you're finished with your vehicle, return it to it’s allocated AlphaCity parking space. Turn off the engine, exit the vehicle, and make sure all doors and windows are shut. Lock it using the app or by placing your membership card on the windscreen reader - the LED display will confirm that your session has ended.

Learn more about booking a vehicle

From setting up your account, to making and managing your reservations, our AlphaCity user guide is here to help you get moving.

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