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World premiere of the all-new Lexus LM

posted on 19/04/2023
World premiere of the all-new Lexus LM

The LM is a completely new type of vehicle for Lexus in Europe, providing the ultimate luxury of a limousine in the format of a spacious people carrier. 

This “Luxury Mover” is the fourth model in the Lexus Next Chapter, following the successful introduction of the all-new NX, RX and all-electric RZ SUVs. It is the latest stage in a complete product line-up renewal that includes new platforms, new powertrains and innovative technologies. 

As its “L” designation indicates, the LM is a Lexus flagship model, alongside the LS saloon, LC coupe and convertible and – in eastern European markets – LX SUV. 

Development of the LM, in common with all new Lexus models, has been wholly human centred. The primary focus has been on the comfort and well-being of passengers with a cabin that takes Lexus’s omotenashi hospitality to an unprecedented level. Every detail is designed to make passengers feel completely at home and perfectly cared for, whether they want to relax or work while on the move. Seats are designed for perfect support and comfort; the cabin environment is precisely controlled for temperature, air quality and lighting; and there is easy, intuitive access to connectivity and entertainment, including a 48-inch HD widescreen monitor and bespoke Mark Levinson 3D Surround Sound reference audio system. 

Where the driving experience is concerned, the driver enjoys a natural dialogue with car and the constant comfort, control and confidence of the Lexus Driving Signature, supported by the high rigidity and low centre of gravity offered by Lexus’s GA-K global platform. For life on board, the application of craftsmanship and advanced technologies are faithful to the brand’s omotenashi vision of “making luxury personal.” 

The LM’s addition to the range helps fulfil Lexus’s aim of offering more diverse products that cater for a wider range of customer needs and lifestyles. This is not a repurposed van – the LM is in every regard a dedicated passenger vehicle, in its own right. 

The all-new LM will be available in the UK from autumn 2023. 

The comfort of a personal living space, the convenience of a mobile office 

Lexus’s desire was to create a first-class interior that’s as a comfortable as a living room and has all the convenience of a mobile office, a dual quality unmatched by any other vehicle on the market. This is a space where passengers can enjoy complete relaxation and be their natural selves. 

During the model’s concept development, Lexus conducted research with private jet manufacturers and hyper-affluent consumers. Their findings confirmed that customers perceive the highest standard of luxury to be when their surroundings make them feel completely rested, both physically and mentally. This quality is rated even more highly than having access to advanced technologies and functions. 

Lexus has applied this learning to designing a vehicle where occupants feel completely relaxed with “no hassle,” personalised comfort. This is the Lexus omotenashi hospitality principle of making people feel as welcome and cared for as guests in your home. It includes simplifying interaction with on-board technologies – an important consideration for people leading busy lives. For example, a “one button” control is all that is needed to adjust cabin climate, lighting and seating to the user’s personal preference. By “making luxury personal,” Lexus enriches the time spent travelling. 

Throughout, the ambience and the fit and finish reflect Lexus’s takumi craftsmanship standards, making the LM truly worthy of limousine status. 

Delivering the Lexus Driving Signature 

The LM is designed to have an authentic Lexus drive and feel, with the driver enjoying a natural dialogue with their car, true to the qualities of the Lexus Driving Signature – comfort, control and confidence at all times. 

By design, people carriers/MPVs are tall and have a high centre of gravity, which makes ride quality more susceptible to the effects of crosswinds and road surface quality. Large doors and windows also have an impact on inertia performance and steering feel. To mitigate this, Lexus has made comprehensive improvements to the LM’s fundamental elements. These include adopting the GA-K global architecture platform, gaining the benefits of a lower centre of gravity and higher rigidity. The new body’s stiffness has been increased with extra welding, adhesive and bracing in key areas. At the same time, weight has been reduced by using aluminium and thin-sheet steel for external panels, particularly those furthest from the car’s centre of gravity, which also helps reduce body roll.  

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