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Tesla makes milestone delivery in Europe

posted on 25/10/2023
Tesla makes milestone delivery in Europe

Tesla has delivered its one millionth electric vehicle (EV) in Europe, just 14 years after it started making limited deliveries of its Roadster car in 2009.

The achievement, says Tesla, highlights the company's sustained efforts to advance the adoption of EVs and contribute to Europe's transition to sustainable energy.

Based on average lifetime emissions, the Tesla vehicles on the road today will save around 50 million tons of CO2e. For every car, this amounts to the emissions produced by 50 round-trip flights between Barcelona and Los Angeles for an individual.

This milestone also underlines the strong ties Tesla has built over time with European consumers.

Tesla's exponential growth, it says, is the result of its strong focus on making its vehicles accessible to more customers through affordability and accessibility of charging.

In line with its 2006 Master Plan, it went from selling an electric sports car with a price tag far of more than €100,000 to more accessible and family-friendly electric vehicles catering to the needs of a large portion of new vehicle buyers in Europe. 

Between 2018 when it was only delivering Model S and Model X to 2023 and its full S3XY line-up, the average selling price in Europe has dropped by more than 50%.

While most of these costs reductions are the results of economies of scale, Tesla says it continues to make its offering more accessible through engineering and manufacturing techniques.

In conjunction with increased affordability, Tesla has also significantly expanded its Supercharger network across Europe.

This growth has played a critical role in facilitating the one millionth delivery milestone, says Tesla.

It now operates more than 1,000 stations and 13,000 individual Superchargers in the region with 99,95% uptime.

In 12 of its main markets in Europe, more than 85% of highway and primary road points are within 60 minutes of a Supercharger, says Tesla.

During the first three quarters of the year, it has launched an average eight individual Superchargers every day in Europe.

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