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Step 2. Implementation

posted on 15/06/2022

Smart charging solutions that generate value

Once the strategy is in place, our e-mobility experts will start make exciting possibilities a reality for your company. One of our defining areas of expertise is to deliver a seamless charging experience. We’ll assist you throughout the entire process, from ordering, installing and maintaining charging stations – for you at work and for your employees at home.


Public charging

Our integrated fuel and charge cards let your employees use public charging stations, tank up, make cashless payments and use other services like car washes, at any time while they’re on the road. We can manage the card handling for you, calculate charging expenses per vehicle – and provide you with continuous online reporting for further analysis.

Home charging

Giving your employees the possibility to leave home fully charged is key to reducing range anxiety. We can offer you cost-efficient wall boxes for your employees with billing capability. Home charging can play a pivotal role in the successful acceptance of electrification.

All costs and prerequisites will be analysed and indicated: from delivery and maintenance of the charging stations at the employee’s home space, regular inspections, to what to do when an employee leaves the company or moves to another location.

Workplace charging

We’ll implement the best possible charging concept to meet your needs at your company premises. This will follow an assessment of the structural conditions for the installation and the most advantageous positioning of the charging facility. You can conveniently lease our charging solutions if you are also leasing Alphabet vehicles. We have the most suitable solutions to meet all your requirements – from simple to smart. And we offer attractive instalments and flexible terms with the option to purchase at the end of the lease contract.

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