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Start Rescue saves motorists’ money during fuel price crisis

posted on 03/08/2022
Fuel management

The UK is in the grip of a fuel price crisis with millions of motorists struggling with rising petrol and diesel costs. However, the experts at Start Rescue have teamed up with PetrolPrices to offer some simple fuel-saving tips.

As diesel soars to £2 per litre, a fill-up can cost upwards of £130 for a 65-litre (14.3 gallon) tank. A little preparation can have a big impact on fuel economy, while shopping around using the popular PetrolPrices app (or the website) can save as much as £6.50 on a typical fill-up[i].

Firstly, the vehicle needs to be in optimal condition. This means ensuring the service schedule is followed, but drivers should also be proactive in looking after their vehicle. Tyre pressures are still often neglected, and these can have a big impact on efficiency. Check your handbook and consider using the quoted higher pressures for long motorway trips or when carrying heavy loads.

Don’t carry unnecessary weight. A car is much more energy efficient with less bulk on board. Remove any unnecessary clutter, including roof racks and bike racks that can impair aerodynamic efficiency.

Most of all, it’s important to anticipate and drive defensively. Leaving more space between you and the car in front means you can coast to slow down if needed, rather than using the brakes which is wasted energy. It’s a more relaxing way to travel, too; slow down early for roundabouts and junctions, and don’t leave braking until the last second.

Use the correct gear for the road conditions, cruising and coasting in top gear where possible. Switch off air conditioning in mild weather instead of leaving it permanently on. Be gentle on the throttle. Avoid rapid acceleration and sharp braking, instead try to maintain momentum.

Start Rescue Managing Director Lee Puffett comments: “The crippling fuel prices are hitting motorists hard, at a time when other bills are rising too. Remember that every press of the accelerator pedal impacts your wallet; treat the throttle as a money gauge and the gentler you are, the more you will save. Finally, be careful – safety takes priority over everything else.”

Researching your filling station can also have a big impact on fuel spend. PetrolPrices and Start Rescue have come together in an effort to help beleaguered motorists.

Andrew Watson, Managing Director of PetrolPrices, said: “The number of people taking advantage of the PetrolPrices app has rocketed. We are now seeing an average of at least 100,000 users daily and, on our best day, more than 230,000 people used the app. Motorists can easily download the PetrolPrices app where they can compare prices on their route before setting off, ensuring they pay the lowest price for their fuel.”


Check the PetrolPrices app

Reduce your cruising speed

Limit use of air conditioning

Check tyre pressures weekly

Remove unnecessary racks, carriers and weight on board

Leave plenty of distance so you can reduce use of the brake pedal

Change gear earlier, coast in-gear when you can

Switch the engine off in stationary traffic

Choose routes with major roads and motorways where possible

*Article Source

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