Case Study: Alphabet partners with Southern Water to deliver fleet with pioneering livery

The objective:

Southern Water was looking for a new fleet funding and management partner to improve business operations achieve, improve safety and an overall greener fleet.

What we did:

Alphabet identified new efficient vans for Southern Water's fleet and, collaborating with Mediafleet, created a bespoke and pioneering livery using a reflective material developed with Southern Water's branding team. Alphabet also developed an online ordering portal with the full Southern Water conversion catalogue, including additional CAD drawings and 360-degree images of the completed vehicles.

The results:

The new livery provided a solution for both day and night, matching brand colors perfectly. The reflective vinyl, which Southern Water incorporated across its entire portfolio, improved safety for working on the roadside at night and extends brand awareness throughout more of the day. With Alphabet's new ordering portal, managers can track vehicles from point of order to delivery and access visual representations of each vehicle when ordering,  giving complete transparency.

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image of rental

Full fleet funding and management

for a greener and more efficient fleet


LCV orders placed to date


total fleet size


cost savings (in first year of contract)