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RAC makes fleet managers' lives easier by bring mobile servicing and repairs to 1link

posted on 27/09/2023
RAC makes fleet managers' lives easier by bring mobile servicing and repairs to 1link

Fleet managers can now book RAC Mobile Mechanics via 1link to carry out a range of servicing, maintenance and repair jobs at locations and times to suit drivers, whether that's at home, a workplace or fleet depot.

The RAC's 'we come to you' Mobile Mechanics service has been set up to limit downtime. Servicing or repairs can be done wherever and whenever is most convenient, with work being scheduled at a time and place to suit the driver and fleet manager. This could be outside core operating hours, before or after a driver's shift, or on a rest day, guaranteeing minimal vehicle downtime and maximising business efficiency.

For complete peace of mind, all servicing for both ICE and electric vehicles adheres to OEM-standard specifications to protect residual vehicle values and to ensure vehicle manufacturer warranties remain valid. The RAC's multi-skilled Mobile Mechanics can complete repairs, such as brake pads and discs, starter motors and oil changes as well as any necessary software updates, BVLRA Fair Wear and Tear inspections and certain recall work.

Fleet managers who want to book an RAC Mobile Mechanic should search 1link for 'RAC Mobile Service and Repair' in the 'Supplier Name' section. As normal, the single platform manages the process from end to end, including selecting dates and times, quotations, repair authorisations, billing and holds records for each vehicle for fleet managers' reference.

Paul Coward, chief executive of RAC service, maintenance and repair, said:

"We believe our new nationwide mobile servicing solution ticks two very important boxes for fleets. Saving the cost of getting the vehicle to the garage and associated downtime, and the complete peace of mind knowing RACs fully qualified and experienced mechanics have carried out the servicing and repairs to vehicle manufacturer specifications.

"Critical service companies like couriers as well as those in the refrigeration and fast-moving consumer goods sectors are understandably particularly sensitive to vehicle downtime, so our solution is particularly well suited to them as a dealer service usually results in a vehicle being off road for a whole day.

"Our flexible booking system means fleet managers using 1link can easily pinpoint specific timeslots for servicing to ensure vehicles are quickly available for drivers again. And, with no need to take vehicles to a central location or to a dealer for servicing, there are significant time-saving benefits to be had.

"Our teams at the RAC know just how time-consuming and challenging managing the servicing schedule of a fleet can be, whether that's one made up of EVs or conventional ICE vehicles."

Greg Tucker, head of OEM and dealer management at 1link, said: "The RAC is highly trusted name in the automotive sector, so we are really excited to have brought RAC mobile services and repairs into 1link. We are sure it will prove to be very popular with our customers due to the convenience it offers.

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