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Wesleyan fleet and drivers benefit from partnership with Alphabet

29 October 2015In search of greater vehicle choice for drivers, improved fleet efficiency and reduced costs of business travel, Wesleyan Assurance Society have engaged the services of business mobility experts, Alphabet. As part of the company’s most recent car policy review, Alphabet was selected to provide Wesleyan with an all manufacturer, open choice vehicle policy (capped at 130 g/km) based on whole life cost, allowing their 500 car-eligible employees to choose from a range of vehicles over a 36 or 48 month period.

Alphabet currently supplies Wesleyan with over 400 vehicles on a full maintenance, contract purchase basis. The tailored package also includes Accident Management, as well as AlphaRent and AlphaRent+. AlphaRent+ is unique because the Rental fleet is owned and managed by Alphabet, meaning that Wesleyan and their drivers benefit from a greater vehicle choice, they can be more specific about the make and model required, more flexibility and extended lengths of bookings, as well as less time being wasted swapping in and out of Rental vehicles. This has helped to considerably reduce Wesleyan’s fleet administration and expenditure.

To assist further, Alphabet also delivers full legacy and pool fleet management. This has already resulted in a significantly higher rate in usage of Wesleyan’s own pool fleet vehicles. Such a change has enabled Wesleyan to make further savings in rental, storage and logistics.

Tony Fagan, Facilities Manager at Wesleyan says “Since working with Alphabet, we have seen a noticeable increase in the efficiency of our pool fleet and reduction in vehicles simply sitting around not being utilised. This has meant that we can utilise our resources in other areas of the business. Alphabet’s ability to tailor the fleet to our employees’ needs has led to further savings, financially and environmentally. Cutting our carbon footprint and operating an efficient fleet is key.”

Adam Sturdy, Alphabet Corporate Sales Manager, commented: “We’re pleased that Wesleyan is already seeing the benefits of working in collaboration with Alphabet, especially in terms of Rental and pool fleet management. We’ve achieved this through closer day-to-day management of their fleet, a real focus on efficiency and regular, open communication working in partnership with Tony and the team at Wesleyan. We are proud to have been able to provide Wesleyan with the right business travel solutions to help them better manage their fleet and provide a better experience for their drivers while lowering costs and environmental impacts.”

Moving forward, Wesleyan are in discussions with Alphabet to implement their Risk Management solution across their company car population and their grey fleet drivers by the end of this year.

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