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Daikin UK outsources carbon neutral vehicle fleet to Alphabet in new partnership

Daikin UK outsources carbon neutral vehicle fleet to Alphabet in new partnership
Daikin UK HQ
Daikin UK HQ

Alphabet (GB) Limited today announced the company’s latest new business success, a long term partnership with Daikin UK for the full outsourcing of their vehicle fleet.

Daikin UK is the national division of the global leader in air conditioning, heating, ventilation and climate control solutions. Based in Weybridge, Surrey but with offices throughout the country – including Central London, Birmingham, Bristol, Glasgow, Leeds and Manchester – Daikin UK employs over 300 people and operates a fleet of approximately 150 cars and 25 light commercial vehicles (LCVs).

Following a fleet review, Daikin has opted to work with Alphabet on a sole supply basis, operating a two-marque company car choice list with BMW and Lexus. In addition to contract hire with maintenance, Daikin has also chosen Alphabet for a number of additional products and services, including daily and extended Rental Services, Accident Management and Driver Risk.  Following the successful conclusion of a formal review, a swift implementation process then followed managed by Alphabet’s Corporate Sales Manager, Ashley Banister.

Simon Carr, Chief Commercial Officer for Alphabet (GB) Limited commented: “We’re thrilled to welcome Daikin UK to the Alphabet family. It’s always pleasing to successfully conclude detailed commercial negotiations but for me one of the most positive things about our relationship with Daikin is that the two businesses share many of the same cultural approaches and beliefs.

Both businesses believe passionately in the value of true partnership, the importance of innovation, as well as the creation of a culture of openness and responsibility. When the chemistry is right from the outset and there’s a deep understanding of each other’s organisational goals, you have a firm foundation to build a relationship that’s beneficial for all parties over the long term.”

Following the successful launch, Richard Truttero, General Affairs Manager at Daikin UK commented: “Daikin UK needs a supplier partner who we trust and can rely on to deliver for our employees day-in, day-out. The decisions we take directly impact how Daikin UK employees do their job – and ultimately how effective they are at meeting the needs of Daikin customers. Like many corporate fleets, we don’t have a dedicated ‘fleet team’ – hence we needed to find a partner to who we can say: ‘Here’s our vehicle fleet and our employee drivers, please look after them with the care and attention that we expect’.

There’s a great cultural fit between Daikin and Alphabet. Looking ahead, we’re keen to bring more hybrids into the fleet because we’re serious about our environmental responsibility and ensuring that business operations are carbon neutral. Over the past few years we’ve worked in partnership with the Alladale Wilderness Reserve in the Scottish Highlands to ensure that for every tonne of carbon we create, we plant a tree. Over 80,000 trees have now been planted in harmony with the landscape in Scotland as a result of Daikin UK’s commitment.”

Ashley Banister, Corporate Sales Manager continued: “Richard and the team at Daikin UK have a really clear view about how they want their company to operate and grow over the next decade. They have shared with us their vision of how they want their fleet to run and develop over the coming years and we’re excited to be Daikin’s partner on this journey.”

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