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One of six: Car & Classic’s Vauxhall Astra GTE sells for over £22k

posted on 30/06/2022

Leading online classic and specialist vehicle marketplace Car & Classic reports another impressive achievement as the sale of an original, one-owner Vauxhall Astra GTE goes through its online auction site for a record-breaking £22,250.

Having recently been through a comprehensive restoration process, the 1983 Mk1 Astra GTE (one of only six currently on the road*) was offered in complete, original factory specification.

“Eighties’ hot hatches such as this Astra GTE are usually found in conditions which are in various degrees departed from the original specs due to their sporty nature, which lends itself to modification and tweaks,” says Car & Classic Head of Editorial Chris Pollitt. “Finding one which hasn’t been tinkered with is almost as rare as the model itself.”

The GTE’s interior, exterior and mechanics are all in near-perfect conditions, with details like the original wheels’ centre caps and factory radio adding to the car’s time-warp charm. The Polar White versions, like this one, were different from others insomuch as they sport body-coloured bumpers and wheels, adding to the rarity of the model.

At the heart of this unusual find there is a low-mileage original 1.8 “Family Two” OHV engine; the only non-standard element is an OE spec stainless-steel exhaust system designed to replicate the original system.

“Perhaps, in an age where modern cars become heavier and heavier, classic car enthusiasts appreciate even more the fact that even a 115bhp engine like the one powering the Astra can be plenty when it moves a car that only weighs 925kg,” adds Pollitt.

“Astra GTEs’ values have gone in the last few years, due to the very nature of the iconic sports hatch and its rarity with auction prices ranging from below £3000 for cars requiring attention or substantially modified to early £20k for spotless examples, but we believe that £22,250 is a record for the model.”      

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