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New Head of Remarketing identifies new routes to market and digitalization as priorities.

posted on 16/08/2018

Business mobility and fleet leasing specialists, Alphabet (GB) Limited today announced the appointment of Sacha Imamkhan as the company’s new Head of Remarketing.

Imamkhan joins the UK business from Alphabet International in Munich where she was previously Project Manager for New Markets, involved in the start-up and establishment of new or emerging Alphabet markets globally. Imamkhan, a Dutch national, played a key role in the integration between Alphabet and ING Lease following the global merger between the two companies. Prior to joining Alphabet in 2012, Imamkhan fulfilled a number of roles with ING Lease and Shell Global Solutions in the Netherlands.

In her new role with Alphabet, Imamkhan is responsible for the remarketing of all Alphabet (GB) Limited’s vehicles, manages a team of 15 people based in Farnborough or around the UK and reports to Chief Operating Officer, Nigel Fletcher. Fletcher commented “We’re delighted that we have been able to recruit Sacha from Alphabet International. Sacha brings to the role a strategic perspective from her role in our headquarters, as well as an operational understanding from hands-on involvement in the establishment of new Alphabet markets around the world. Sacha understands the vital role that Remarketing operations play in the commercial performance and development of a leasing and mobility business.”

Imamkhan herself commented: “I’m incredibly excited by the challenge here in the UK, one of the largest Alphabet markets worldwide and helping to find new ways to take the company and our people forward. Remarketing is hugely important for the success of any leasing company, so bringing innovation to such a key area delivers benefits across the entire business and supply chain to create a more valuable customer experience.

Alphabet in the UK is well-established, being the first Alphabet operation launched in 1997, but the market here is dynamic, entrepreneurial and constantly changing. Having worked to develop and implement new operational models around the world, I’m keen to bring this fresh perspective and some global best practices to the UK.

My key challenge is how to make an already successful Remarketing operation even better, by exploring different ways of selling vehicles and finding new routes to market. Of course this has to take into account our customers’ requirements and expectations, as well as the types of vehicles we are bringing to the ‘second use’ market.

One of my initial priorities will be to work with our Remarketing partners to further enhance the quality of the vehicles we bring to market. As a premium player with a reputation for great service, our focus has to be on achieving the highest standards of grading with every vehicle we remarket.

At the same time, I will take the lead on a series of digitalisation initiatives in the Operations area, part of a process of digital transformation that is taking place across the Alphabet business. These initiatives will deliver increased capabilities for the organisation and greater employee empowerment across our Operational functions; essentially making a more effective use of the talents and skills of our people. From a customer perspective, these initiatives should provide them with better value, faster, more efficient service and reduced complexities in our processes.”

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