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Motor Fuel Group’s ultra-rapid charging network now live on Zap-Map and Allstar’s digital payment service

posted on 06/12/2022
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Motor Fuel Group’s ultra-rapid charging network MFG EV Power has now gone live on the Allstar Business Solutions-Zap-Map network. This means fleet drivers can pay for charging at MFG EV Power sites across the country using their Allstar One Electric card lodged digitally within the Zap-Map app.

Drivers can download the Zap-Map app and add their Allstar One Electric card to activate Allstar features, enabling them to pay for EV charging at participating sites such as MFG EV Power, ESB and Osprey on the Allstar network via Zap-Pay. A single-app payment system, Zap-Pay avoids the hassle of using multiple payment methods across different networks and removes the need to carry a physical RFID card at all times.

Despite the charging network launching just last year, MFG EV Power recently came in joint first place in Zap-Map’s annual charging network rankings as rated by EV drivers, predominantly for providing reliable and easy-to-use charging hubs.

With over 230 chargers across the country and counting, MFG EV Power is aiming to install some 3,000 ultra-rapid devices (100kW-350kW) by 2031. The network’s sites are typically at traditional petrol station locations, and are installed in charging hubs with at least four charging devices.

Harrison Brook, Head of Partnerships at Zap-Map, said:

"I’m thrilled to welcome MFG EV Power, as yet another ultra-rapid charging provider, to the Allstar-Zap-Map network. Not only does MFG have cutting-edge technology, but it is extremely highly rated by Zap-Map users.

“By enabling fleets to pay across multiple charge point operators via Zap-Pay, Allstar and Zap-Map will continue to create immeasurable value for EV drivers when charging on the public network.

“Not only is MFG a fantastic addition to the network, but as a dynamic and expanding network with strategically placed ultra-rapid charge points, one that will make charging EVs that much easier for fleets across the country.”

Zap-Map’s partnership with Allstar aims to make charging simple for fleets. With fleets increasingly making the switch to electric, fleet managers benefit from one clear overview of all electricity costs, as well as a simplified admin portal delivering full visibility of spend across fleets.

This partnership preceded Allstar parent company FLEETCOR’s recent investment in Zap-Map to provide a strategic opportunity for growth in the UK fleet market and in markets outside the UK.

Tom Rowlands, Managing Director, Global EV Solutions at Allstar Business Solutions, said:

“It is critical that customers have access to as wide a recharging network as possible and that when the time comes to complete the transaction, it is simple and seamless. That’s why welcoming MFG to the Allstar/Zap-Map family sets the gold standard for EV charging – together we offer a robust network of charge points that is accessible, convenient and effortless.

“By deepening our relationship with MFG and Zap-Map, we’re further demonstrating Allstar’s commitment to providing best in class EV solutions to the UK’s businesses.”

Martin Symes, Operations Director, EV Network at MFG, said:

“Extending our relationship with both Zap-Map and Allstar through their joint integration and bringing the MFG EV Power network to Allstar customers via the Zap-Map app supports our strategy in providing an easy access network.

“Working in collaboration with our partners in this way is key to delivering customer confidence and improving their experience in the transition to EV. We believe that our sites are great for EV fleet customers, providing ultra-rapid charging hubs in urban population centres.

“The network currently comprises 235 chargers across 46 sites, with a further 10 sites due to open by the end of the year averaging six chargers per site. MFG EV Power was proud to have been recently voted the joint top EV network in the UK as part of Zap-Map’s public charging network survey and are excited to have a pipeline of amazing sites to add to our network in 2023.”

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