• Mileage Capture and Audit

Keeping an eye on your fleet's mileage to help you reduce costs.

Our mileage service delivers accurate recording, audit and compliance of your employees mileage, fuel expenditure and reimbursement. Our team proactively audit the data for anomilies and accuracy giving you greater control over your fleet costs. Utilising this service our customers have seen a reduction of 25% or more in mileage related costs when starting to use the service.

Our service also saves on administration time by streamlining expense payments. It works with all common fuel and mileage expense systems from fuel cards to pay and reclaim. Cash allowance and grey fleet drivers can use it as well as company vehicle users.

You can rest assured that your mileage records will be perfectly in order if they are ever inspected by HMRC because the system logs every detail demanded by the tax rules. A suite of standard monthly reports covers seven key areas of mobility management including pence-per-mile, missing mileages, carbon footprint and hours driven.

There is no need to lease or install any in-car technology. Drivers can report journeys via a PC, SMS message or voice call.

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