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MG achieves record first quarter sales result in 2023

posted on 13/04/2023
MG achieves record first quarter sales result in 2023

MG Motor UK has announced record results in the first three months of 2023 – with new SMMT data establishing the company as the second best-selling manufacturer of electric cars in the UK.

MG registered 20,679 new cars in the first quarter of 2023, marking a significant 49.4% increase on the same period in 2022. Crucially, its market share of the electric car market now stands at 9.4%, firmly positioning MG as one of the UK’s fastest growing electric car brands.

The MG4 EV is also the second highest-selling new electric car so far this year, continuing to offer customers style, practicality and outstanding value for money. Over 5,200 examples of the multi-award-winning model have been delivered so far this year, with MG’s first all-electric hatchback remaining highly desirable since launch in September 2022.

According to new SMMT figures, MG sold 12,232 cars in March alone – signalling the increasing popularity of MG’s range of affordable electric, petrol, and plug-in hybrid models.

“We had high ambitions for the first quarter of 2023, but couldn’t be happier with what we’ve achieved,” said Guy Pigounakis, Commercial Director at MG Motor UK. “To be positioned just behind Tesla in the new electric car sales chart is an outstanding result, and a mark of the quality and outstanding value for money offered by our range.”

The MG4 has also been recognised as a class-leading EV by Top Gear Magazine, crowning the car as ‘Best Everyday EV’ at the Electric Awards 2023.

Jack Rix, Editor of Top Gear Magazine said “The MG4 EV, with its sub-£27k starting price, has redefined what we can – and should – demand of our electric cars. Even on a budget.”

MG Motor UK currently offers seven models including four plug-in cars – MG4 EV, MG5 EV, MG ZS EV and MG HS PHEV – all supported by MG’s 7-year warranty and nationwide dealership network.

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