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Lexus supports Harris Reed’s show at London Fashion Week

posted on 08/03/2023
Lexus supports Harris Reed’s show at London Fashion Week

Lexus supported Harris Reed, the acclaimed fashion designer known for challenging expectations, as a sponsor of his London Fashion Week show held at Tate Modern yesterday (16 February).  An all-new RX 500h F Sport hybrid electric luxury SUV was provided to transport Harris to the show in comfort and style.  The car was also used to take VIPs to and from the event.

The performative, transformative nature of dress has always been at the heart of the Harris Reed brand. Clothing can amplify the character of the wearer, or communicate the role, or even gender they wish to portray. This sense of life lived as a dramatic performance is reflected in the collection title, All The World’s A Stage, and in the theatrical theme that ran throughout the show, from upcycled theatre drapes repurposed as gold lamé fabric, to the harlequin motif, and the pure enjoyment of dressing up that Reed’s looks celebrate.

The London Fashion Week partnership follows the recent collaboration between Lexus and Harris Reed in the US, where Reed designed Ruby Red Rims for the all-new RX at W Magazine’s 50th anniversary party in New York in October 2022, taking inspiration from two signature hats in his Spring 2023 ready-to-wear collection.

Lexus and Reed share a love of eye-catching, mould-breaking design.  Reed commented: “Lexus design is extremely forward-thinking, really disruptive in the best way possible, and is daring and bold, just like my new collection, so I was keen to continue working with the brand as we share so many common values”.

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