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Lexus to launch "revolutionary" new EV in 2026

posted on 27/09/2023
Lexus to launch "revolutionary" new EV in 2026

Lexus will bolster its line-up of electric vehicles (EVs) in 2026 with an all-new "next-generation" model.

A concept version of the new car will debut at the Tokyo Mobility Show, at the end of October.

Lexus said the new car will feature a "revolutionary" modular vehicle body structure, a "drastically changed" production method and a "completely renewed" software platform.

In announcing the new EV, Lexus international president Takashi Watanabe introduced a fresh line-up of Lexus models. He also discussed the future direction of Lexus vehicle manufacturing and the company’s efforts to address the challenge of developing and promoting EVs to help achieve a carbon-neutral society.

The model line-up displayed at the showcase included the all-new LM and the LBX. Models marketed outside the UK and Western Europe include the GX, which combines genuine off-road capability with refined on-road luxury, and the TX which caters exclusively to North American customers with spacious three-row seating.

Lexus confirmed it will continue its efforts to achieve a carbon-neutral society, centred on EVs. For about 10 years, the brand has been working on enhancing the basic performance and characteristics of its vehicles as well as refining the qualities of the Lexus Driving Signature. This driving experience will be carried forward and taken to an even higher level with Lexus’s EV and electrification technology programme. 

The core technologies include seamless drive force control with the DIRECT4 all-wheel drive system and a steer-by-wire system. 

With the Electrified Sport Concept, Lexus will drive the development of future electrification technologies such as new batteries, aerodynamics, weight reduction, and high rigidity.

Lexus will also take on the challenge of sustainable initiatives that consider the natural environment. It will make use of recycled and man-made materials to create new, high-quality interiors.

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