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Less is more for Audi UK in new drive to reduce range complexity

posted on 13/04/2023
Less is more for Audi UK in new drive to reduce range complexity

As the need for simplicity and convenience continues to climb many priority lists, Audi UK is comprehensively reforming its model range structure and online marketing approach in order to make the route to a new car easier than ever before. Audi UK’s major rationalisation programme will reduce complexity in its model lines by 45%, greatly simplifying the selection process for customers in tandem with further streamlining of its online customer journey. It will also add considerable value through improved standard vehicle specification and a new range of technology-focused option packs.

"Choosing a new Audi should be an experience to savour, and we want to make the process of doing so as efficient, well-resolved and user-friendly as the extraordinary cars it grants access to," commented Director of Audi UK Andrew Doyle.

"By further improving online access to a much leaner model portfolio based around simpler, more consistent trim lines that bring added customer value to virtually every variant, we have not only furthered that aim, but also significantly strengthened our competitive position."

Revisions made as part of the first phase of the range rationalisation strategy are effective from today (April 12, 2023), with more to follow later in the year. At their heart is a more standardised and simplified trim structure pared back to three core specification levels for standard models and two for S versions, sitting in a new grid structure these trim levels can be stacked with two optional trim packs. In each case, the trim options available are tailored according to the model line’s market segment and specific customer profile.

Three core specification choices
In the model lines from A1 through to Q5, the deletion of previously available trim options such as Technik, Sport Edition, Edition 1 and Vorsprung ensures customers now have a simple choice between Sport, S line or Black Edition specification. Depending on the model, these three principal trim lines have also been further enhanced, either by additional equipment or by content revisions that better reflect customer preferences.

Further up the range, the trim structure for conventionally-powered Q7 models now begins at S line level, with Black Edition as the next step and an upgraded version of the ultra-inclusive Vorsprung specification remaining on the top rung, bringing the luxury seven-seat SUV into line with the flagship Q8. The A8 luxury saloon continues to be available in Sport, S line and Black Edition forms, and the Long Wheelbase version as a Sport, S line or Vorsprung.

Black Edition or Vorsprung for S models
The trim line-up for the higher-performance S versions of these models has also been revised. An enhanced version of the popular Black Edition specification becomes the access point for the S3, S4, S5, S8, SQ5, SQ7 and SQ8, and in each case the retained and further improved Vorsprung trim is positioned above it. 

New optional Technology packs
Going above and beyond the generous equipment levels already offered by Sport, S line and Black Edition models also becomes even easier from today, thanks to significant improvements to the highly convenient option pack concept that has already proved immensely popular with Audi customers.

Two new option packages – the Technology Pack and Technology Pack Pro – are now available for all Sport, S line and Black Edition models included in the first phase of the Audi UK rationalisation programme, delivering significant added customer value compared with the selection of their contents as individual options. Across the various model lines, the content of each pack varies according to the standard specification, option availability and option popularity, and its pricing reflects this. The Q8 e-tron is the first model to launch with the new optional packages.

The Technology Pack, ranging in price from £1,295 for A1 models to £2,995 for the Q7, Q8 and A8, comprises an upgraded Bang & Olufsen or Sonos audio, Audi Phonebox Light wireless handset charging, front seat heating and the Audi Parking System Plus incorporating Park Assist.

The constituents of the Technology Pack Pro are also model-dependent. Priced from £2,995 for A1 and Q2 models through to £8,795 for the A8 Saloon, it brings together an even broader range of sought-after features such as a panoramic sunroof, a head-up display, powered seat adjustment and additional driver assistance functionality. This equipment comes in addition to the features in the standard Technology Pack.

Technology Pack Pro for S model series
S variants, which feature their own specific and more extensive specification, can be upgraded exclusively with the Technology Pack Pro, which at this level ranges in price from £1,295 for SQ2 models to £3,995 for the S8.

On top of their simplification benefits and added value, these new option packs also offer Audi customers increased freedom of choice by making sought-after technology features that were previously confined to the standard equipment list of top-tier models available much more widely throughout the range.  

Enhanced customer value
The new range rationalisation strategy now ensures that customers have the potential to secure their must-have specification at a lower price point. As an example, within the Q7 model range, one of the most popular customer specification requests includes the Black Styling Pack in combination with a Panoramic Sunroof. Previously, this combination could only be secured by customers opting for the Q7 Vorsprung at £86,070 OTR. Now, by choosing the Q7 Black Edition, priced at £68,520, in combination with the Technology Pack Pro at £5,995, we can offer this popular customer offer at a cost saving of over £11,000.

The significant improvements in simplicity and consistency that the rationalisation programme will bring across the model lines go hand in hand with a major overhaul of the primary route many customers take to their perfect Audi. Following the shift to a more rapidly navigable and convenient single-page format for the ever-popular 'Build your Audi' configurator on in 2022, further work has now been completed to reduce the 'customer journey' to a potential purchase to just seven simple steps from start to finish. 

Where previously the process involved loading individual pages containing the various colour and trim, engine and drivetrain and additional package selection elements, the new layout now enables a further condensed series of seven key order criteria to be defined and scrolled through without leaving the central configuration page. The new format not only accelerates and simplifies the process, but also makes revisiting and fine-tuning choices considerably easier.

Once a configuration is complete, customers have the option to visit a page featuring Factory-approved accessories available for their chosen model or to simply view their configuration summary with one click. As part of this summary, they can generate an Audi code for their specific configuration that can be processed by a UK Audi Centre, request a callback and test drive and learn more about relevant finance options and offers. 

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