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JBR Capital hails record month, loaning £27 million in July to fellow automotive enthusiasts

posted on 17/08/2022
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Leading automotive finance provider, JBR Capital, continues to accelerate throughout 2022 as the company marks a record month-long period since its establishment in 2015, lending £27 million from July 1st – 31st to fund an ever-growing international base of passionate automotive customers.

JBR Capital remains the UK’s only independent finance lender with a sole focus on high-end vehicles over £25,000 and up to £750,000, having lent over £900 million to date in bespoke loans. July’s record period builds upon significant momentum throughout 2022, whereby JBR Capital is now routinely underwriting over £20 million per month with opportunities to deliver £30 million per month by year end.

Among customers, Porsche was the most in-demand marque, of which the 911 Carrera was the most popular model. Land Rover and Audi placed as second and third marques respectively, with the Range Rover Sport and R8 as second and third most popular models. JBR Capital caters to automotive enthusiasts globally, with the Southeast of England the most popular location for the provision of finance.

Having this year launched an industry standard-setting sustainability initiative, JBR Capital leads the way in partnership with Carbon Neutral Britain by offsetting 5,000 miles of carbon emissions for each car financed by its clients, greatly reducing the environmental impact of high-end vehicle ownership. Year to date, 6% of JBR Capital loans have been for electric vehicles.

Through a highly personalised approach, JBR Capital has been able to serve and rapidly grow its loyal introducer and customer base. The company's holistic underwriting approach assists clients with a range of financial circumstances achieve an agreement with highly competitive monthly payments using a risk-based pricing model. Through its partnership with Supercar Driver, JBR Capital immerses itself in the high-performance automotive community, attending key events throughout the year as one way of staying in touch with its customers.

Nayan Kisnadwala, Chief Executive Officer at JBR Capital, said: “Thanks to the consistent can-do attitude, hard-work and dedication of our colleagues, JBR Capital has accelerated progress in July. This is an exciting time for our organisation and our growth is being driven by high levels of talent, collaboration, and communication across the companyThese numbers aren’t achieved by accident - they are a direct result of hours, days, weeks and months of planning, hard work, resilience, patience, and entrepreneurial spirit.”

Darren Selig, Founder & Chief Commercial Officer at JBR Capital, said: "2022 has been a momentous year in the company’s history, and we are delighted to continue this momentum with yet another record month period. Our discerning customers recognise our unrivalled expertise, knowledge and passion for the high-end automotive sector alongside our ability to provide truly bespoke financial solutions to enable them to enjoy their automotive passions.”

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