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IAM RoadSmart welcomes back Skills Days for 2023

posted on 11/01/2023
IAM RoadSmart welcomes back Skills Days for 2023

The UK's largest road safety charity, IAM RoadSmart, has today (Monday 9th January) announced the dates for its 2023 programme of Skills Days, which gives drivers and motorcyclists the chance to take their own vehicle on a race circuit to learn valuable handling skills from qualified instructors. 

IAM RoadSmart will be hosting 13 events from April to September, across four of the best UK circuits, from Thruxton, Mallory Park and Croft, to Blyton Park. These sessions are open to both IAM RoadSmart members and the public, giving everyone the opportunity to learn new skills that will give them more enjoyment on public roads, whilst providing expert knowledge to help keep them safe on the road. 

New to 2023, IAM RoadSmart will be kicking off the Skills Day calendar with a special Instructors Skills Day, providing an opportunity for the first-class volunteers who help run the events make the day memorable, whilst making sure the events remain one of a kind. 

Drivers and riders will either work one-to-one with an instructor, or as part of a small group, and will be given the opportunity to put their new knowledge to practice on a track. 

The 2023 Skills Days will take place: 


Monday 24th – Thruxton – Car

Tuesday 25th – Thruxton – Motorcycle


Tuesday 4th - Croft – Car

Wednesday 5th – Croft – Motorcycle

Wednesday 12th – Mallory Park – Motorcycle


Friday 5th – Blyton Park – Motorcycle

Monday 22nd – Thruxton – Motorcycle


Monday 21st – Blyton Park – CAR

Tuesday 22nd – Blyton Park – Motorcycle


Monday 12th – Mallory Park – Motorcycle

Tuesday 20th – Thruxton – Motorcycle – Ladies' Day


Tuesday 19th – Mallory Park – Motorcycle

Monday 25th – Thruxton – Car

Tuesday 26th – Thruxton – Motorcycle

IAM RoadSmart Motorcycle Skills Days are £215 each (full day), Car Skills Days £175 each (half day). 

Richard Gladman, Chief Examiner at IAM RoadSmart, said: "These events are hugely popular amongst IAM RoadSmart members and the general public because it's a chance for drivers and riders to put their skills to the test and learn and improve key techniques. 

"We have people from all over the UK taking part in Skills Day, whether that's with a friend or on their own, it's a real community spirit with people who have a similar interest. They provide drivers and motorcycle riders with practical learning experiences, but they go away with everyday tips from road riding experts developed within the safety of racing circuit environment. 

"Our Skills Days sell out quickly as they're the perfect chance to combine the art and enjoyment of driving and riding with the development of important new safety skills. It's no surprise they're so popular with both experienced and highly knowledgeable IAM RoadSmart members, and those have yet to start out on their advanced learning journey." 

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