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Hyundai Motor radically transforms all-new Santa Fe SUV

posted on 16/08/2023
Hyundai Motor radically transforms all-new Santa Fe SUV

Hyundai Motor Company’s all-new SANTA FE SUV debuted today through a digital world premiere with an ‘Open for More’ concept that conveys the model’s radical transformation centered on its new wide tailgate.

To commemorate the heritage and iconic significance of SANTA FE brand, which spans from its first generation to the fourth, culminating in the recently launched fifth generation, the global launch event and the world premiere filming took place in the beautiful region of Santa Fe in New Mexico, the source of inspiration for the SANTA FE brand. In the World Premiere Film, the all-new SANTA FE’s wide tailgate seamlessly connects the inside with the outside, expanding consumers’ everyday experiences. The tailgate area, once a storage space, now becomes an open terrace that can be used to effortlessly enjoy the outdoors.

The fifth-generation SANTA FE enhances the midsize SUV’s city-friendly, adventure-ready appeal with a class-leading, terrace-like living space made possible by its longer wheelbase and larger tailgate opening. The longer wheelbase also allows the new model to offer enhanced third-row seating.

Hyundai Motor broadcast the all-new SANTA FE’s digital world premiere film on company channels. Watch the video here. (

“Since the first-generation SANTA FE’s debut 23 years ago, this iconic SUV has won the hearts of millions of customers around the world,” said Jaehoon Chang, President and CEO of Hyundai Motor Company. “The All-New Santa Fe’s bold and powerful identity, which encompasses the boundless outdoors and urban landscape, will establish an unrivaled presence in the mid-sized SUV market.”

Interior design: Horizontal and vertical design elements neatly convey a solid SUV character
SANTA FE’s all-new interior contrasts with the exterior by emphasizing horizontal and vertical design elements and matching the tone and mood of the exterior. An H-shaped design is applied to the dashboard and air vents to enhance the sense of openness and create a unique design balance.

The new interior comes with useful convenience features, such as a UV-C Sterilization Tray and dual wireless charging system for smartphones, to create a sophisticated user experience with SUV-like practicality. SANTA FE’s first-in-class Panoramic Curved Display, which encompasses the 12.3-inch digital cluster and infotainment system, enhances driver visibility and creates a sense of luxury.

With the longer wheelbase, the all-new SANTA FE offers class-leading interior space. Fully foldable second-and third-row seats create a terrace-like space at the rear with the wider tailgate open, enabling users to enjoy the outdoors effortlessly. This appealing design feature reflects Hyundai Motor’s use of big data to identify customers’ interest in the latest outdoor lifestyle trends, such as car camping and gear-intensive adventures.

Eco-friendly materials are used throughout SANTA FE’s interior for soft surfaces, such as the headliner, BCF car mats and seatbacks and coverings, such as the crash pad, door trim and seats.

The use of eco-friendly materials extends to the exterior as well. The glossy black paint applied to the exterior trim uses recycled carbon materials. Among the exterior colors, the Ecotronic Gray for North American markets uses a natural bamboo charcoal coating method.

The all-new SANTA FE is available in five interior colors, including Obsidian Black, Supersonic Gray, Pecan Brown, Forest Green, and Black Ink.

The gasoline-powered SANTA FE’s second-row legroom’s length has increased by 35 mm to 1,075 mm. The hybrid’s second-row legroom’s length has increased by 20 mm to 1,055 mm. The third-row legroom’s length has increased by 15 mm to 761 mm.[3]

The SUV offers best-in-class third-row headroom as well. The third-row headroom’s height has increased by 69 mm to 958 mm. The third-row seating height has increased by 30 mm to 282 mm. The third-row seating reclines 10 degrees, an increase over the previous generation.

Premium features enhance comfort and convenience in the city or outdoors
To enhance the user experience, the all-new SANTA FE is packed with premium comfort and convenience features, several of which are either the world’s first, first-in-class, or class-leading.

The first-row Relaxation Seat with Leg Rest allows occupants to relax in a comfortable position that helps simulate a weightless experience for its occupants. For the Korean market, the first-row driver’s Ergo Motion Seat utilizes air bladders to provide comfort and optimal support while driving. The 6.6-inch full-touch climate control display makes heating and cooling adjustments even more intuitive.

In the six-seat variant, the second-row power-reclining independent seats with armrests provide convenient operation for rear passengers. The second-row power fold-and-dive seats also add a cushion-angle adjustment to create a relaxation mode as the world’s first.

The all-new SANTA FE offers the world’s first Bilateral Multi-Console storage space that can be opened by both front and rear passengers.

When the rear view is obstructed by items in the cargo area, the Digital Center Mirror allows the driver to see what is happening behind the vehicle, and it also helps the driver to better see the darker rear view at night with a brighter image.

Among the all-new SANTA FE’s other convenience features is its high-speed, dual wireless charging system for smartphones. A C-type USB terminal (max. 27W) is also included. In addition, a first-of-its-kind, UV-C Sterilization Tray is applied to the top of the SANTA FE’s passenger glove compartment, providing easy sterilization of frequently used items, such as cell phones, wallets, etc.

Over-the-air (OTA) updates always maintain vehicle systems with the latest software by wirelessly updating key controllers in the vehicle without requiring a Hyundai service center visit.

Another first-in-class feature is the Digital Key 2 for vehicle access/startup and remote control via the customers’ smartphone, using Near-field Communication (NFC), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Ultra-wideband (UWB) protocols.

Radar-based Rear Occupant Alert (ROA) helps to remind the driver about rear occupants as a safety precaution after the ignition is turned off.

Plenty of fuel-efficient power for city commutes and outdoor adventures
In Korea and North America, the all-new SANTA FE will be available with two powertrain options. A gasoline 2.5-liter turbocharged engine (Theta III 2.5T GDI – 8DCT) provides maximum engine output of 281 ps and maximum torque of 43.0 kgf·m. A gasoline 1.6-liter Turbocharged Hybrid (Gamma III 1.6T GDI HEV – 6AT) provides maximum engine output of 180 ps and maximum torque of 27.0 kgf·m.

In Europe, the all-new SANTA FE will be available with two powertrain options, including the same 1.6-liter Turbocharged Hybrid (Gamma III 1.6T GDI HEV – 6AT), or a gasoline 1.6-liter Turbocharged Plug-in Hybrid (Gamma III 1.6T GDI PHEV – 6AT) with maximum engine output of 160 ps and maximum torque of 27.0 kgf·m. Note - Power figures are for the ICE unit only, EV motor and total system output are still to be confirmed.

In other regions, the all-new SANTA FE will also be available with a gasoline 2.5-liter engine (Theta III 2.5 GDI – 8AT) with a maximum engine output of 194 ps and maximum torque of 25.1 kgf·m.[4]

Future marketing, sales plans and introducing XRT Concept
The all-new SANTA FE is scheduled for release in Korea in the second half of this year and in North America/Europe in the first half of next year. The North American premiere will be held at the 2023 Los Angeles Auto Show.

“The original SANTA FE was our very first SUV in the U.S. Today, we have a well-recognized and respected portfolio of 14 SUV models that include internal combustion engine, electric, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and hydrogen fuel cell models,” said José Muñoz, President and Global Chief Operating Officer of Hyundai Motor Company. “With the 2024 SANTA FE, we continue our impressive transformation of the Hyundai brand and the broader SUV landscape. The all-new SANTA FE is the perfect companion for everyday adventures with a modern, premium touch.”

Hyundai Motor also unveiled the XRT Concept, a concept model tailored to cater diverse needs of outdoor enthusiasts. The XRT Concept is designed to handle challenging terrains with confidence and ease, offering versatile utility for outdoor lifestyles. While the SANTA FE Calligraphy trim aims for premium urban lifestyles, the XRT Concept is designed to ignite the ultimate adventure spirit and focuses on unleashing the desires of those seeking the thrill of the wild.

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