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Head of Mobility Services appointed with focus on delivering ‘seamless mobility’

posted on 23/07/2019

Alphabet today announced the appointment of Craig Grant as the company’s Head of Mobility Services. Grant has been with Alphabet since 2016 when he joined the business as Head of Account Management.

Grant commented: “Over the past three years I’ve worked closely with Alphabet’s diverse customer base, which has given me a unique and invaluable insight into their mobility requirements right now and the challenges anticipated over the next five or ten years. For me, the key is being able to provide a breadth of mobility solutions – designed to compliment more traditional employee vehicle programmes – which customers can take off the shelf to achieve the right mobility blend for their business. It’s only by having a more complete picture of organisational mobility and travel that business leaders can optimise their blend to ensure cost efficiencies and emissions reductions.

Of course we’re not there yet but we’re making significant progress towards this over the past 12-18 months and you can see the journey that Alphabet and our customers are on. Last year we extended our AlphaCity sharing platform to non-BMW Group vehicles and LCVs for the first time, as well as integrating AlphaCity bookings into our AlphaGuide app. We’re keen that AlphaGuide becomes a ‘mobility hub’ for our customers – whether that’s to book a service for their car, schedule a tyre appointment or book an hour of an AlphaCity vehicle. This is what delivering true ‘seamless mobility’ means.

Each business is unique and so are their requirements, dependent on a multitude of factors from the nature of their activities and locations, through to their employee requirements and organisational objectives. Hence we need to provide a broad mobility product portfolio with multiple touchpoints. Personally I’m really excited to be leading such a progressive, customer-centric area of the business at this important time. Our team are shaping Alphabet’s mobility proposition going forward, while at the same time delivering essential on-demand mobility right now.”

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