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Hagerty launches market-leading online sales journey

posted on 04/01/2023
Hagerty launches market-leading online sales journey

Hagerty, an automotive lifestyle brand and leading specialist insurance provider, today announces a new way to buy their insurance products online, fully enabled for Hagerty’s core multi-car business, including cars, bikes, and other specialist vehicles.

Hagerty’s new online sales journey, powered by Ignite, allows classic vehicle owners to complete an end-to-end insurance purchase and presents the most comprehensive and streamlined digital insurance system in the classic and enthusiast vehicle industry.

Utilising Hagerty’s renowned valuation data, the new system is able to instantly recognise every make, model and variant of classic car and also links directly to the DVLA which automatically uploads driver information, making for a faster and less laborious process for the user.

Other benefits include 24/7 access to policy information providing the option to manage a policy at any time, including changing a home address, or updating vehicle information, without the need to make a phone call.

Hagerty International Managing Director Mark Roper said, “The Hagerty team has worked with Ignite for over 12 months to fully modernise our enthusiast insurance buying process with an intelligent and intuitive digital service. Whist our customers can still choose to call our headquarters to speak with an agent, it is important to offer a robust digital service in an increasingly online world. This service will be especially attractive to owners of modern classics, and those who enjoy unexceptional era vehicles, who may prefer an end-to-end digital experience to a phone call with an agent.”

Toby MacLachlan, Managing Director of Ignite added: “Hagerty is one of the most forward-thinking brokers we have met. They’ve got a clear and bold idea of their future strategy, and we’re delighted that they have selected Ignite to join them on this journey. The multi-vehicle customer experience has been a great challenge to work on and really satisfying to see live today. Most of all I’d like to highlight the Hagerty team’s thoroughness in scoping, collaboration, and testing all of which have made this project a huge success.”

The new Hagerty online system can be sampled here.

Although best known as a leading insurer, Hagerty is a purpose led organisation with a mission to save driving and car culture for future generations. This is achieved via a robust and engaging events, media, and entertainment programme, as well as through its trusted valuation service and an ongoing commitment to supporting the classic vehicle industry through partnerships, sponsorships, and member engagement.

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