Government considers penalty points for drivers not using seatbelts - RAC reaction

posted on 03/11/2022

Following the answer to a UK parliamentary question in which the Government says it will consider introducing penalty points for drivers caught not wearing seatbelts, RAC road safety spokesman Simon Williams said:

"It's irrefutable that seatbelts save lives, yet the sad reality is that in 30% of fatal collisions a seatbelt was not being worn. These stark figures underline just how important it is to buckle up in both the front and the rear of the car. Putting points on the licences of offenders would be a welcome move, but this must be accompanied by better enforcement. While up until this point offenders had to be caught not wearing a seatbelt by a police officer, there is now camera technology on trial in the UK that can be make the process far simpler and more effective. If this technology were to be rolled out alongside introducing points on licences lives would undoubtedly be saved."

The RAC website carries a guide to seatbelts and the law.

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