Leave your fleet financing to us. We have the right funding solution for any business.

  • Contract Hire

    • Contract Hire is the UK’s most popular method of funding vehicles. It is VAT-friendly, the monthly rentals are fixed and you do not have to worry about the vehicle’s value at the end of the contract. You can include additional products from our comprehensive portfolio in the rental, such as maintenance and accident management.

    • Contract Hire is off balance sheet funding, and is good for your business’s gearing and liquidity ratio.

      What are your key benefits?

      • Fixed monthly rentals
      • No depreciation risk on vehicle disposal
      • Improves financial gearing
      • Releases capital for investment elsewhere
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  • Finance Lease

    • With Finance Lease you can acquire vehicles through a tailored rental for a low in advance cost. We agree a fixed monthly rental with you based on forecast mileage, contract term and expected residual value. You benefit from new vehicles, our fleet expertise and the tax advantages of leasing while we take care of funding, sourcing and disposal.

    • What are your key benefits?

      • Tailored fleet funding
      • Fixed monthly leasing costs
      • Competitive rates
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  • Sale and Leaseback

    • If you currently own vehicles outright, Sale and Leaseback can offer immediate financial and operational benefits. You sell your company vehicles to us and we then lease them back to you for a fixed monthly fee.

    • Sale and Leaseback does more than release capital. It also frees you from the financial risks of owning vehicles and brings you the benefit of our outstanding fleet and driver services.

      What are your key benefits?

      • Increases capital availability
      • Allows fixed monthly payments
      • Enhances tax benefits
      • Offers additional service options
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  • Contract Purchase

    • If you want to finance company vehicles at a fixed cost while still having the option to buy, Contract Purchase is ideal. There is no VAT on the finance part of the rental and vehicles appear on the balance sheet so you can claim capital allowances. We take care of sourcing, delivery and routine administration, leaving you free to concentrate on your business.

    • What are your key benefits?

      • Predictable budgeting
      • Tax and VAT benefits of ownership
      • Operational and administrative advantages
      • Option to buy
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  • Alphabet For Business

    • Alphabet For Business is Alphabet's dedicated direct channel. Alphabet for Business can take care of all your company vehicle requirements – from selecting the right car or van to the ongoing management and maintenance of your vehicle.

    • What are your key benefits?

      • Alphabet For Business work with you to enhance your productivity
      • Remove all the hassle of vehicle management
      • 360 degree approach
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  • Commercial Vehicle Funding

    • We are one of the UK’s most experienced providers of tailored commercial vehicle finance solutions for private and public sector organisations. Few companies can match our track record and experience when it comes to light commercial vehicles. You can count on receiving the best advice, with outstanding service, every step of the way.

    • What are your key benefits?

      • Flexible, comprehensive approach
      • Complete consultancy and fleet management solution
      • All vehicles up to 5.0t GVW including bespoke builds
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  • Structured Employee Car Ownership (ECO)

    • With this kind of scheme we lease cars directly to your employees through a credit sale agreement. Drivers don’t pay company car tax but they usually fund a proportion of the car’s cost through tax-free payments for business mileage. This can make Structured Employee Car Ownership very tax-efficient for both you and the driver.

    • What are your key benefits?

      • Tax efficient
      • Quality and safety (cars replaced on 2-4 year cycles)
      • Off balance sheet
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  • Employee Car Schemes

    • Our schemes boost the perceived value your organisation’s benefits without adding to your rewards bill. We offer several ways for employees to enjoy exclusive finance deals on personal cars through a fully administered Alphabet Employee Car Scheme.Your employees get great deals on cars for their money while your company takes the credit.

    • What are your key benefits?

      • Little or no cost to you
      • Employee motivation
      • Increases employee retention
      • Experienced driver support team
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  • Salary Sacrifice

    • Salary Sacrifice is our funding decision which is financially smart and environmentally friendly at the same time. Our solution helps your business and employees make the most of the Government’s healthy tax incentives for green company cars.It can help to support your company car scheme by attracting drivers into a more safety compliant scheme.

    • What are your key benefits?

      • Works as an incentive for existing employees
      • Enhances recruitment
      • Improves cost efficiency through salary, fuel, tax and fleet savings
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