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Frontline enters a new era as it reveals first V8-powered build, the LE60, and driver-focused all-electric BEE model line-up

posted on 27/09/2023
Frontline enters a new era as it reveals first V8-powered build, the LE60, and driver-focused all-electric BEE model line-up

As it looks to the future through a celebration of the past, renowned MG restomod specialist Frontline Cars (Frontline) reveals its latest offerings to the automotive world: the LE60 and BEE EV Editions, ahead of their public global debuts at the upcoming Bicester Heritage Sunday Scramble on 8 October. Leveraging its legacy in contemporising the MGB and MGB GT, as its core sources of inspiration, the limited-edition LE60 and all-electric BEE model line-up sees Frontline enter a new era of its bespoke, cutting-edge customer builds. 

Since its establishment in 1991, Frontline has honed unparalleled design, engineering, and craftsmanship talents. It has gained global recognition for its ability to seamlessly merge cutting-edge, OEM-grade design and engineering capabilities with class-leading artistry of handcrafting, all aimed at respectfully elevating the beloved classic MGB and MGB GTs for modern times. Now, entering a fresh chapter, Frontline introduces new models and a refreshed brand identity, positioning itself once again as a leader in the world of top-tier restomod creations.

Presenting the all-new Frontline LE60: the most powerful and bespoke Frontline creation ever made 
Frontline’s most powerful, brutish and driver-focused car ever built, the LE60 is the first car from the brand to utilise a V8 engine. Built to mark 60 years of the MGB – hence the ‘60’ designation – and 30 years of Frontline, the LE60 is limited to just 30 cars for customers worldwide. Recognisable from its widened track and body, the LE60 uses an all-new 4.8-litre Rover V8, producing 375 bhp – almost triple the power of the original MGB – mated to an uprated, best-in-class five-speed gearbox and a host of engineering upgrades, to create the ultimate Grand Tourer. With a near-perfect 50/50 weight distribution, the LE60 weighs just 1,122 kg.

Evolved from Frontline’s heralded LE50 and Abingdon Editions, the LE60 combines the very best characteristics of both touring and sports cars. Due to the significant engine performance, the Frontline team has re-engineered the MGB donor car to cater for the 375 bhp, 335 bhp per tonne performance. These upgrades include a strengthened chassis, wider body made in pressed steel by British Motor Heritage to Frontline’s specifications, larger and stronger braking set-up (six-piston alloy front brakes and four-piston alloy rear brakes with 310 mm vented, lightweight two-piece brake discs) housed underneath larger 16-inch Dunlop-style alloy wheels, a limited-slip differential, plus a brand-new suspension set-up, created in collaboration with leading specialist Nitron.

Tim Fenna, Founder and Chief Engineer of Frontline Cars, said: “The LE60 is not just a car for us, but a heartfelt celebration of Frontline’s history and our intertwining connection with not only MG but more specifically the MGB. Witnessing the LE60 come to fruition has been an incredible journey and has given us all a platform to harness our creativity and craftsmanship, all while staying true to our legacy and embracing the next step of Frontline’s journey with unwavering enthusiasm.”

A new era, charged from the past, designed for the future
Celebrating a new era and chapter in the Frontline journey, the revered team has created its first line of electrified MGBs, affectionately named BEE (Roadster) and BEE GT (Coupe). With its name aimed to celebrate the past and look to the future of the Frontline brand, the BEE stands for MGB EV Edition, and is Frontline’s answer to the world’s rapidly evolving response to drivers looking for an engaging, fun and driver-focused classic car without the emissions. With the same passion for engineering prowess and evoking the same characteristics as every other Frontline build, the BEE models (in Roadster and Coupe form) have a near-perfect 50/50 weight distribution and weigh in from a super light 1,186 kg (BEE GT).

Frontline’s BEE models are different to many electrified restomods in that they have a manual gearbox and rev like an internal combustion engine (ICE). Working exactly as a traditional manual gearbox would, except for being able to start and stop in any gear (and not stall!), the gearbox has manual-themed joy through being able to heel and toe, yet automatic-favoured ease like being able to drive in second and third gear by using the brake and accelerator only.

At home in the countryside and cityscapes alike, the standard BEE and BEE GT have been fitted with a Hyper9 100v motor, capable of revving to 9,000 rpm, and a 40 kWh battery, which reaches 100 per cent charge in just over five hours when using a 7 kWh charger through the car’s Type 2 electric charging socket.

Never losing the incredible driving experience of a Frontline build, the BEE models evoke all the sentiments of a traditional ICE car, from the incredible incorporation of gearchanges that mimic the same traditional feel, a motor that can still be revved, and torque characteristics that closely resemble those of a conventional combustion car. Alongside the all-electric BEE model line-up, Frontline will be offering an EV conversion service for any existing Frontline customers, too. 

Tim Fenna, Founder and Chief Engineer of Frontline Cars, said: “We resisted conventional EV conversion despite the demand until we were able to deliver a vehicle that delivered the Frontline drive and ethos, a vehicle that feels engaging and a pleasure to drive without compromise, yet meeting modern environmental changes. The results impressed us all and retaining the gearbox and carefully tuned electric motor that deliver an experience akin to a normal ICE car is incredible. We all absolutely love them and are so pleased we can offer such an innovative and incredible line-up of EV Editions.”

A shared passion for customisation, millimetre-perfect interiors and bespoke customer optimisation
Much like the process of acquiring a tailor-made suit or bespoke handbag, every Frontline customer will receive an invitation to visit the Frontline clubhouse located in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, UK. Here, they will engage in the initial specification discussions, followed by the personalised Aluminium Tub seat and interior installation, and the meticulous fine-tuning of suspension and steering to cater to the customer's preferences. This comprehensive process ensures that each vehicle is perfectly tailored to its owner before the official handover.

Collaborating closely with the Frontline team, customers can select their preferred exterior and interior colours, as well as explore various customisation choices. It is often remarked that when it comes to any Frontline build, including the LE60 and BEE models, customers enjoy a wealth of possibilities, ensuring a truly personalised experience.

Since 2012, Frontline has had an in-house trim shop, which sits above the main offices in the workshop. It’s here where the magic happens for each Frontline cabin. With a choice of hides, materials and finishes, drivers can take advantage of Frontline’s pre-seat fitting, to set the driver and passenger seat position inside the cabin, as well as the amount of padding needed for extra lumbar support and bolster comfort.

Founded in 1991 by engineer Tim Fenna, Frontline has been crafting bespoke MG models for over three decades. Previous Frontline models include the LE50 and Abingdon Edition models, both of which garnered incredible reviews from automotive enthusiasts globally. As a result, all commissions were fulfilled, and Frontline earned a reputation for having an exquisite eye for detail and a driver-focused mentality on all its finished creations.

Tim Fenna, Founder and Chief Engineer of Frontline Cars, said: "As we celebrate the remarkable centenary of MG, a legacy that has woven itself into the fabric of automotive history, we stand at an important crossroad – commemorating 60 years of the MGB and over three decades of dedicated craftsmanship and innovation. Our journey has been one of honouring the past while embracing the future, and with great anticipation, we unveil these special editions that pay homage to the classic soul of the MG.

“The first, the LE60, a tribute to our enduring commitment, is a culmination of years of passion and dedication. It's a testament to the art of restoration and enhancement, a harmonious blend of heritage and modernity. Our journey began over thirty years ago, and today, as we present these special cars, we celebrate every challenge surmounted, every detail perfected, and every dream realised. 

“The second is an emblem of our vision for tomorrow and sets us forth on an electrifying path. The BEE model line-up captures the essence of the MG's timeless design while propelling us into a future of sustainable mobility. It's a symbol of progress and a momentous celebration of where we've been, where we are, and where we're headed."

Frontline and its class-leading team will publicly debut the LE60 and BEE cars at the upcoming Bicester Heritage Sunday Scramble on 8 October. Customers looking to discuss the LE60 and BEE public debuts should contact

Meanwhile, full technical specifications alongside model-specific photo galleries, are included in this press-ready link here. Additionally, for more information on the LE60, BEE model line-up, or Frontline’s capabilities, visit the new customer-focused brand website:

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