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EVs are second lowest emitter of transport greenhouse gases – AA 

posted on 25/10/2023
EVs are second lowest emitter of transport greenhouse gases – AA 

Travelling by electric car is second only to travelling by coach for lowest direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions, according to statistics released today by the Department for Transport*.

A passenger trip by train is marginally less polluting but loses out to EVs because of its direct CO2 emissions, of which an EV has none. Direct emissions are produced by the type of transport itself, indirect emissions cover CO2 from the production of the fuel it uses. In the case of EVs, that is electricity generation.

The statistics also show that, in 2021, cars made up 75% of the road vehicle miles travelled within the UK but produced 57% of transport emissions, while HGVs made up a much smaller proportion of the vehicle miles (6%) and their emissions were disproportionately greater (21%).

"Today's government statistics illustrate how EVs will eventually transform the greenhouse gas profile of the private car in the near future. The only impediment to further improvement is the mix of electricity generation in the UK – more wind, solar and tidal power will make car journeys even greener," say Jack Cousens, the AA's head of roads policy. 

"It will also make the cost of travel cheaper. As it is, the AA's Recharge Report** shows that powering an EV with an ultra-rapid charger is cheaper per mile than fuelling with petrol."

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