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EV drivers to get 'refuelling' price transparency denied to petrol and diesel cars – AA 

posted on 05/04/2023
EV drivers to get 'refuelling' price transparency denied to petrol and diesel cars – AA 

Drivers being able to compare prices when selecting where to charge electric vehicles has been set out in the Government's 'Powering up Britain' announcement today. It is a guarantee of fair pricing that petrol and diesel drivers can only dream of as they battle rip-off pump prices, says the AA. 

In today's 'Powering Up Britain – The Net Zero Growth Plan', the Government sets out 'mandating payment roaming to support fleet electrification, pricing transparency to allow consumers to compare prices immediately and open chargepoint data to support drivers to find the right chargepoint for their needs' *. 

The AA argues that petrol and diesel drivers need the same level of price transparency as soon as possible. The Competition and Markets Authority in its ongoing Road Fuel Market Study has already recommended that the Government get on with pump price transparency straight away **. 

One of the reasons electric vehicle (EV) owners are getting a better response on price transparency is that they are protected by a regulator in OFGEM. Petrol and diesel car owners have no such champion. 

"The AA supports the Government's commitment today to the 2030 ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars. However, it needs to step up progress in providing charging infrastructure and fair prices. In particular, equalising the VAT paid for on-street charging outside homes with that paid on driveways is essential in convincing car owners to switch to EVs more quickly. The Kerb Tax needs to end," says Jack Cousens, the AA's head of roads policy. 

"With councils ramping up city access and parking charges based on the type of fuel used and age of vehicle, car owners need help to make the switch to electric and cut their daily running costs. The squeezing of road space in urban centres has been aggravating congestion and, while petrol and diesel car owners lose money hand over fist in slow traffic, EVs use no energy at zero cost when stationary. 

"The sale of EVs needs more encouragement, perhaps with lower VAT. That will increase the flow of EVs through to the used-car market where less well-off drivers can purchase them at lower values and reap the benefit of lower 'refuelling' and driving costs." 

Cousens adds: "Setting out price transparency for EV charging is a slap in the face for hard-pressed petrol and diesel car owners who face a daily pump price postcode lottery that can lump an extra fiver a tank on to the cost of motoring. The CMA has said that the Government needs to get on with price transparency at the pump. That is not a Net Zero issue but a matter of consumer fairness."

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