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With doors… or without? Car & Classic’s Italian choice

posted on 01/12/2022
With doors… or without? Car & Classic’s Italian choice

Leading classic and niche vehicle online platform Car & Classic has an intriguing choice for all Italian classic car lovers: two Italian beauties based on the same timeless model, the famous Fiat 500, but with an important difference, are battling it out on its online auction portal.

The distinct absence of both roof and doors in the Fiat 500 Jolly recreation is a reminder of a time when, if the boss wanted a practical yet fun wicker-and-canvass run-around to go to the beach, the car company he headed simply made one for the purpose, helped by design house Ghia. Gianni Agnelli demanded style, and the Jolly fitted the brief.

What if one is partial to the canvas roof but prefers a more traditional body, with both doors accounted for? The ‘other’ Fiat, an original 1974 500R with a fabric sunroof, is a sympathetically restored example of one of the most easily recognisable Italian automotive successes of all time. Time and effort have been lavished upon both the cheerful yellow exterior and the little 2-cylinder engine, resulting in its complete restoration. 

“We love to be able to offer two interpretations of the same, worldwide-loved little city car,” says Car & Classic Head of Editorial Chris Pollitt. “Car & Classic’s reach extends to Europe and these two Italians are still based in their country of origin. We know that they will be much sought-after by enthusiasts and collectors alike everywhere.”

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