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Dacia’s new accessory bundles make it easy to ‘Pack’ for summer adventures

posted on 23/08/2023
Dacia’s new accessory bundles make it easy to ‘Pack’ for summer adventures

Dacia is making it quick and easy for new and existing customers to enjoy adventures for the rest of summer following the introduction of tailored Accessory Packs that can be supplied in a matter of days.

Designed to enhance the robust, adventurous nature of Dacia models and consisting of extras that perfectly complement each other, the Packs can be ordered and collected from customers’ local Dacia retailer within five working days.

The Packs are available for the entire Dacia range, all of which strengthen the models’ versatility, durability, safety, styling and sheer family-friendliness. True to Dacia’s commitment to blending quality with value, the Packs start from as little as £120.

Dacia’s famed good thinking runs throughout the Packs’ contents, combining accessories that customers commonly spend time choosing individually and encompassing the essentials for road trips and car-based adventures. The new Packs include everything from bike carriers and handy interior storage solutions to body protection features and even safe ways to transport family pets.

Customers can purchase the Packs directly from their nearest Dacia retailer.

The new InNature Packs are a particular highlight, epitomising Dacia’s synergy with the great outdoors. Specifically for the Dacia Jogger, these allow owners to go from being completely unprepared for a camping expedition to sleeping closer to the stars in just a few moments by cleverly adapting the seven-seater’s spacious interior.

As well as the Sleep Pack and mattress from the previously announced InNature accessory range, the new InNature Sleep Pack+ bundle includes blackout blinds and a seat storage bag. It is priced at only £1,815.

The InNature Sleep Pack Ultimate option adds even more camping capability to the multi award-winning Jogger. Costing £2,165, it includes a tailgate tent on top of the features of the InNature Sleep Pack+. Should customers already have the InNature Sleep Pack frame/box and mattress, they can add the new InNature Privacy Pack, consisting of blackout blinds and a seat storage bag, for £249, or the InNature Camping Pack, which costs £599 and includes a tailgate tent together with blackout blinds and a seat storage bag. 

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