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Connectivity expert VNC Automotive discusses the future of law enforcement fleets in latest video

posted on 03/11/2022
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Vehicle converters, police workers and first responder technology providers debate the future of law enforcement vehicles in a now freely available video, ‘Tomorrow’s Tech for Law Enforcement Vehicles’ produced by vehicle connectivity pioneer VNC Automotive.

The makers of the revolutionary Cobalt Cube® technology integration device discuss topics including the rise of EVs, first responder safety, ease of vehicle conversion, vehicle-to-command communications, and other hot topics within the law enforcement communities. Watch the YouTube video here.

The automotive industry is experiencing a transition in tech and connectivity, particularly when it comes to electrification and automation. For law enforcement fleets this represents a major transformation in how officers can better serve the public and communities.

Technical Consultant at VNC Automotive, Rose Dunne, hosts the enlightening debate alongside VNC Automotive CEO Tom Blackie and respected industry expert Roger Lanctot of Strategy Analytics.

Commenting in the discussion Tom Blackie says: “There’s a huge demand from police forces to connect equipment using the nice big OEM screen that's in most vehicles nowadays. Traditionally, police cars would be converted by specialist installers who fit screens and laptops to the dashboard. Cobalt Cube integrates and controls all of this kit using the existing vehicle touchscreen.”

Roger Lanctot comments: “Electric vehicles are definitely coming to emergency services. All the AI capabilities that these vehicles come with can give huge amounts of driver assistance. This is something that law enforcement can use.”

According to research from EV Powered, in London, UK, the Metropolitan Police, Britain’s largest police force, has a target to have a 100% electric fleet by 2030. In the US, the roll-out is a little slower because of the distances that officers have to travel but the NYPD introduced its first electric vehicle to its fleet in 2022 and aims to have an all-electric fleet by 2035.

VNC Automotive celebrated the first anniversary of its Cobalt Cube in July 2022. Since its launch, Cobalt Cube has quickly established itself as one of the most innovative products available in the sector, enabling the cost-effective and convenient integration and control of light bars, sirens, automatic licence plate recognition, CCTV and many other vital systems within a vehicle’s existing touchscreen.

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