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Charging ahead – data reveals UK residents are more plugged-in than ever as demand for home EV charging increases

posted on 07/06/2023
Charging ahead – data reveals UK residents are more plugged-in than ever as demand for home EV charging increases

As the benefits of electric vehicles (EVs) become clearer, and drivers adopt a more charging-savvy lifestyle, leading home charge point installer Smart Home Charge reveals that all areas of the UK have shown a strong growth in enquiries for home EV charger installations in 2023 according to its data.

Most notably, enquiries for home EV charger installations grew by 63 per cent between Q4 2022 and Q1 2023. Data confirmed an increased number of UK drivers looked to take advantage of EV-friendly electricity tariffs, which can help save hundreds of pounds per year on charging costs, as well as aiming to lead a more sustainable life, during that time period.

Total sales for home charge point installations throughout the UK were also on the rise, up by 23 per cent for the first quarter of 2023, too.

Data showed that drivers in the East Midlands are currently leading the charge as the area recorded the highest growth percentage from the previous quarter, more than doubling, by 105 per cent between January and March 2023.

Recording nearly 1,000 installations overall by the end of March, the data shows that more people than ever are feeling encouraged to invest in a charging solution for their homes, proving that drivers are realising the convenience and cost-effectiveness of charging at home.

With the introduction of various clean air zones over the past few years changing the way people drive in the UK, drivers are evidently looking to protect their assets well into the future and are keen to continue reducing their impact on the environment by switching to electrified vehicles.

Danny Morgan, Editor at Smart Home Charge, said: “It’s incredibly encouraging to see that every single area of the UK has recorded a growth in enquiries and installations for home charge points.

“Not only can EVs reduce the impact of local air pollution, but they can also reduce the impact on drivers’ wallets when combining a home charge point installation and an EV friendly electricity tariff.

“This is because EV tariffs have a cheaper off-peak electricity rate, usually overnight, and smart home charge points help drivers make the most of this. In fact, the cost of the home charger installation can be recouped in around 12-18 months – for example, an ID.5 could save up to £704 per year in home charging costs simply by installing a dedicated home charge point and switching to an EV friendly tariff.”

See how much can be saved on any electric vehicle here.

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