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Cannon Hall Farm takes on the ultimate workhorse: The Ranger Diesel

posted on 07/09/2022
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A year on from receiving their first Ranger EV as a birthday gift to dad Roger, Farmers Robert and Dave at Cannon Hall Farm are still utilising the Polaris Ranger around the 125-acre farm, now with their latest Ranger Diesel model.

Featuring on Channel 5’s Friday on the Farm and Summer on the Farm, the team have been extremely busy with the upkeep of their popular and ever-developing farm. The Ranger Diesel is on hand to help, delivered to Cannon Hall Farm back in January this year.

Farmer Robert said: “We loved the EV around here – it was our first time with a Polaris vehicle and really showed us the quality of the brand. This year, having the Diesel has been another great experience – it’s so usable, it’s so flexible and it’s more than capable. We’ll often use the Ranger for extended periods and having the confidence in the diesel engine has been great, not to mention it’s fantastic when carrying heavy loads in the bed.”

The Ranger Diesel is proving itself to be the ultimate agricultural workhorse, being put to hard work from the get-go at Cannon Hall Farm. With its large cargo bed with 435kg capacity, the team at Cannon Hall Farm use it to transport animal food and supplies. This is a no mean feat with Cannon Hall Farm being home to hundreds of animals and reptiles, all with tailored, high-quality care.

Over the 125 acres of the farm, there’s a number of less-accessible areas that can’t be easily accessed by traditional 4×4 vehicles – this is where the Ranger Diesel comes into its own with the highest ground clearance in its class of 33cm, plus added features like electronic power steering to allow the team – including dad Roger – to ride around the farm all day without fatigue. 

“The Ranger Diesel is really well made and the whole vehicle inspires confidence when driving, not just off road but also when travelling on the roads from field to field,” Farmer Rob continued. “It’s the most robust off road vehicle we’ve ever had at the farm!”

Not only proving to be an excellent helping hand for daily farm life, Dave and Rob have recently come up with a more unique way to use the cargo bed. 

“The Ranger Diesel is handy for lots of different things but our favourite is as a bar on wheels, when we have events, concerts, etc. We’ve discovered that we can use the Ranger to store all the cold drinks and move them around, the waterproof bed is perfect for the job. Plus, when we run out, it’s only a quick drive back to refill – no more of those pesky wheelbarrows running back and forth!”

Farmer David said: “The Ranger Diesel has been a real game changer for us here at Cannon Hall Farm, we certainly put it through its paces and it has never let us down yet. It’s a well built machine that we know we can rely on, and its versatility is something we now couldn’t live without.”

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