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The best drivers are in Switzerland and UAE, and the most polite are in Turkey

posted on 22/03/2023
The best drivers are in Switzerland and UAE, and the most polite are in Turkey

The analysts is a worldwide transfer service of i'way that studied the reviews and ratings of passengers in 120 countries from February 2022 to February 2023 and concluded that the most polite drivers are in the UAE, Turkey and the USA. Drivers in Austria, Great Britain and Germany always pay attention to the cleanliness of the car. Moreover, the most comfortable trips were in Spain, Israel and France.

The company's analysts made a calculation based on passengers' feedback in the i'way app on completed trips for the year according to 5 criteria - these are «courtesy of the driver», «comfort of the trip», «cleanliness of the car», «good mood», «pleasant music» during the trip.

«Our analysts collect such statistics on a monthly basis, which allows us to make the service more flexible and keep the quality bar high. After the pandemic restrictions, people want to feel the freedom to travel again and re-discover the world. All people are different and everyone notices something special for themselves — a clean car is important for someone, but pleasant music doesn’t mean much, and for someone the courtesy of the driver leaves a vivid impression of the trip. In this rating, we solve two tasks at once — immediate feedback from the passenger, which allows us to quickly correct the mistakes made, and understanding the peculiarities and strengths of our drivers in each country. We are sure that the most important thing in a transfer is the driver himself, the final evaluation of the trip by the passenger depends on his actions», — says Dmitry Salikhov, CEO of the i'way.

The experts concluded that, on average, a passenger notes 2-3 criteria that he or she considers most important and neglects the rest.

At the same time, drivers in Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates and Brazil have the highest ratings

Top countries by driver rating (maximum score 5):

Switzerland 4.99

UAE 4.99

Brazil 4.98

Denmark 4.98

Austria 4.98

Czech Republic 4.98

France 4.97

Algeria 4.97

UK 4.96

Malaysia 4.95

India 4.95

Turkey 4.95

Mexico 4.94

Italy 4.93

Spain 4.92

Israel 4.91

US 4.91

Saudi Arabia 4.91

South Korea 4.91

South Africa 4.9

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