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Avoid needless breakdowns by taking simple action

posted on 03/07/2020

If you are driving a diesel vehicle it is very likely that it is fitted with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). This filter is vital to reduce the pollution that vehicles produce.

To work correctly, the DPF requires a regeneration process, which mostly takes place during the daily journeys we make.

Driving patterns have changed in recent weeks and months and vehicles have been sitting idle for long periods of time, so to avoid unnecessary vehicle downtime, we recommend you familiarise yourself with this process.

Don't ignore the warning light

The replacement of a Diesel Particulate Filter can be expensive, in addition to the inconvenience of the vehicle being off the road, so don't ignore the warning light.

If there is a problem with the filter regeneration process, the warning light will flash up on your dashboard. In extreme circumstances, the performance of the vehicle can be affected or even result in the vehicle breaking down all together.

Take your vehicle for a spin

A simple 20 minute journey at consistent motorway speeds, at normal operating temperature will usually allow the DPF to regenerate, however we strongly recommend that you consult your vehicle handbook for specific advice on how to carry out this process for your vehicle make and model. 

To find out more information regarding active and passive regeneration and what to expect when it happens, please click here.

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