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AutoProtect Group's Shine Business Becomes the UK's First Certified Carbon Neutral Mobile Repair Network

posted on 01/02/2023
AutoProtect Group's Shine Business Becomes the UK's First Certified Carbon Neutral Mobile Repair Network

As well as becoming the first mobile repair network in the UK to achieve certified carbon-neutral status, Shine believes it is also the first mobile cosmetic business to achieve such recognition. As Operations Manager Richard King reflects, being recognised as carbon neutral is a huge source of pride and an invaluable differentiator; 

"With a fleet of eighty vehicles that last year covered over 1.58 million miles providing mobile car body repairs across the UK, we were very mindful of our carbon footprint. We have an ambitious commitment to play our part in tackling climate change. Our stepped plan to identify and reduce our carbon footprint is business wide. We have assessed the net tonnage of everything we do, our energy, and our supply chain." 

To achieve PAS 2060, the measured amount of residual carbon emissions created by Shine are being offset by high-quality certified carbon credits that meet strictly defined criteria: 

They are within one of the schemes approved by PAS 2060 

They have additionality (i.e. carbon reductions that would not have occurred were it not for the project). 

They are verified by an independent third party to ensure that emissions reductions are permanent, avoid double counting and prevent leakage 

Credits are retired from a public record within 12 months. 

For Richard and the team at Shine, carbon offsetting is far from the final step. The business is committed to moving to electric vehicles as soon as it becomes practical. Currently, the range of available light commercial vehicles, an issue made more complicated by the weight of the equipment needed by the business' mobile technicians, has proved to be a challenge. Nevertheless, Richard is confident that by the end of the year, the fleet will start to move to EVs. Net Zero for all businesses must be in place by 2050, but as he concludes, committing to the ethos now is the right thing to do,  

"PAS 20260 certification is indisputable evidence that our carbon neutrality claims are credible and verified. It is something we see as the right thing to do and a way of boosting the confidence of our customers. Right now, offsetting using certified credits adds social and environmental value to our business model, but we will continue to challenge ourselves to reduce our direct and indirect emissions in everything we do."

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